Thursday, May 3, 2007

---a thin line between---

pal dear,

i have found myself in the capital of Nigeria - Abuja, for sometime now. a future city if you ask me. good signs of planning. nice!

and i just found time amidst the bizi schedule to express my self to you in a different direction. Really, something has set me wondering. not that i'm surprised. no! i am just wondering. and it's not even that i am wondering how come. no! i am just wondering! funny? stupid? maybe!

let me tell you what. the world i believe would continue to harbour all sorts and shades of human beings. half-legged, hunch-backs, grey-bearded, blue-eyes, brown skins and what have u?

i have more... the skyline would still have a shade of blue. you still no dey get ma drift abi ? (still in nigeria). very rich mix of languages here!

walk on the street of abuja and ask any man: "orga, weytin dey happon?" the response is likely to be: "notin dey happon ooooh!" trust me pal, such is the reference to the intriguing 'self containing' socio-political system in this part of the world.

i would always admit to being a political animal. it is a basic part of life that only the pretender would acknowledge otherwise. all i want to tell you is that pal, we must note that there is a 'thin line between' ---- between that which is subjective and that which is objective.

i would take issue with anyone, be it bush the bush, mandela, mugabe, blair, the wanted bin ladin or kuffour once i feel convinced that human beings deserve better from people who (through no fault of the many hungry stomachs in the villages) put up themselves to be voted or catapulted into political power. i dare say such heads must account for every single penny! every single commission or omission. it is the people's power and policies or decrees issued by these heads affects the people anyway.

bla bla bla bla bla!
i can go on and on and on!
but breathe pal,
breathe and let me breathe!
i hope u are listening mehnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!

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