Saturday, April 14, 2007

what's IN a name? high OR low?

Junior High or Senior High or Low?

CALLIT whateva! makes me feel like cracking up! do u feel what i feel?

but see? this is a very serious matter at hand. formal education in any part of the world is essential. that said, i wonder why Ghanaians are allowing 'politicians' (i am a politician and so are you and so is everybody and you don't need to go stand for election to become a politician, see!) to make capital out of a basic component of society - education.

well, so now some political animals think to trumpet a new name for a reformed educational system (reformed really?) is probably all it takes to let the people see or hear or even say (maybe repeat after them) what they've done. that is one thing i see clearly as part of all the trumpet blowing if you ask me. i have not said it is a bad thing to do. naturally when you give birth to a child you may choose to give it a name. yes may! you may!

but you see, a decorated donkey they say shall still remain... what about that? so Senior high comes in as a substitute for Senior Secondary and down the ladder you have Junior High replacing Junior Secondary. hold it, they say the new thing is that Senior High would run to 4yrs instead of the 3yrs for the Senior Secondary and then there is supposed to be the formalization of apprenticeship or something of the sort. no problem!

but tell me pal, what problem of all the millions we have confronting the educational front in this country hasbeen solved with the trumpeting of High High High? I support the idea that secondary education (no! pardon me, i mean High education) should be 4yrs faaaannnnnnnn!

but the catch should really be that the kids must not be forced to do the 4yrs compulsorily. NO, they must not! there are surely sharp brains out there! i mean do you know or do you remember the common entrance system? with that you write the exams when you feel up to it right? at least this should be allowable by the third year of the Highness tag!

pal, i don't have a problem with the number of yrs they want school kids to be 'high' as much as i have with the myriad of serious issues confronting the educational front? and i have a few questions to ask in that direction:

what is the state of our school buildings? what is being done for schools without school buildings? what level of investment is being put into the human capital development for the job to be done? are the teachers motivated? what is their 'take-home-pay'? do the schools have the required textbooks and other needed materials and equipment for practical work? are we ready for the take-off of this HIGH system come September? will all the needs be in place by then?

well so they say a decorated donkey is still an asssssssssssssss!

those who said it, said it and surely they couldn't be wrong!


AJM said...

Well, students can leave high school early . . . you just have to get the credits in less time.

Obed Sarpong 4 u said...

What did you drink? Okay, fine piece. But i (quite unfortunately) get the impression you 've got a prejudice against governments or this government... So sorry.