Saturday, March 31, 2007


or should i say Ghana@50@Blackout!

well, i have to be fast with this write up before the electricity goes off my dearest!

hardly had we finished with the pomposity and the extravagant expenditures and all the Queens wine before realizing how stupid we have been. or have we yet? at least i do realise how stupid some have been! very stupid heads we have indeed! they let us see how they know best to put the cart before the horse!

to them, there's no meaning to the word priority. no, not at all. not when you have them building a Gigantic presidential palace, felling trees and in their places building statues of CIA agents and saboteurs of our dear land, buying luxury cars in counts of fifties per each make - Jaguars, Cryslars, Mercedez, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera!!!

I am just so irritated by parading-bigots who don't have the needed head to even mobilize our energies in this country of our death to find solutions to our lack of electrical power!

Did I hear kuffour the other day saying something to the effect that we had presented to us under Nkrumah's leadership a picture of an 'almighty-akosombo dam' (emphasis mine) that was to see to our energy needs till eternity? where was he kuffour when the atomic energy project was started at Kwabenya under the leadership of Nkrumah?. does he know when it was started and for which purpose therefore? spare me the petty politics and give space for some level headed solution-seeking discussions. hear me?

somebody tell this group of cheapened-power-wielding bigots to shut up on all the lies if they have no clues on how to solve our energy problem. these are people who 'loud-mouthed' the length and breadth of this land claiming "we have the men" to solve our problems.

so bring on your men now or shut up and give way.


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Obed Sarpong 4 u said...

Oh my friend... In trying to spy the dirty ass of the monkey, you ended up exposing yours. Did you say they should leave there for... Well for who? Don't talk like the section of politicians you are castigating. Anyway, Ghana truly has the men to solve the problem, even women. We have it! We need to bring those people on board. Don't use this to advocate for a gov't change. Right? The crisis is nothing new. It has been there unsolved for more than 10 years, man