Friday, June 15, 2007

Fathia 'fata' Nkrumah

pal dear,

she was the wife of the great african! Kwame Nkrumah! great human being!

she died...and she was just granted her wish of being buried in Ghana (on June 12th 2007).

The government of Ghana agreed that she be laid to rest by her husband's side at the Kwame Nkruman Mausoleum in Accra.

hold on!

i need to retell the story because it is actually more touching and deep than i paint it.

well so it came to past. and what did i not suddenly see? unrepentant followers of the crazy "danquah/busia" political tradition putting up faces only to please who? me? sorry to all of them 'cos we wont be fooled at all. No!!! not when they are too ready to defend and actually create 'by-force' heroes out of those CIA agents and saboteurs of our very democracy (they same democracy they claim to be champions of).

They are the ones who ensured Nkrumah did not even live long...let alone stay long in office. and when he is dead and gone and buried too they still want to bring him down. For example, can any of them explain how come the Kwame Nkrumah Circle in Accra remains in a deplorable state while all the circles named after such CIA agents are being refurbished and brightened in the name of Ghana@50? they are just a JOKE!!! so let me not even waist my precious time on them pal. the likes of them...kuffour and all must bow down their heads in shame! shame on them!!!

For me the fact that the late Fathia today has her remains lying by that of her late husband only tells me more and more that really, really, really... Fathia 'fata' Nkrumah!

pal dear, it is Friday again you know... Cheers!!!

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