Friday, November 23, 2012

Otabil the Azzzaaaa Politician Pastor

I never took Otabil serious from the very day (sometime in the 90s when I was a child) I heard him claim he did not eat fufu because human power was used to pound it instead of machines, and that we should be making machines to do jobs instead of using man-power! neither here nor there!

When a man tells me he is not a politician or does not engage in politics, I take a look at his nose, then I tell myself, either he’s confused, doesn’t understand what it means to be a politician, or he’s in want of a better word to describe his circumstance or just  playing plain scam!

Worse so if the man happens to be a pastor who influences the decisions of men in society based on the Bible or other claimed holy grounds or spiritual sources. You peddle your influence, you make tobey-tobey! day after day spewing your opinions mostly under the deception you are speaking from the Bible and yet you want to tell me you’re just a pastor but never a politician? Maybe you’re stoned!

Pastor Mensah Otabil of the ICGC establishment has been in the public domain for long, spewing his opinion at the least opportunity freely under the guise of preaching the word of God. He doesn’t stop there. He has made a whole industry of publishing books/pamphlets and audios of his sayings. He makes good money by selling his opinion that even Jesus under whose name he exploits folks for money would envy him greatly. Hallelujah! Somebody say “I hear you!” Just watch and don’t be deceived by his modest way of dressing in is called ‘African wear’. He’s hidden himself behind the pulpit to make good money for himself.

After holding a scam of a press conference to do veiled politicking on behalf of the NPP in the wake of his voice being played, which recorded voice plays condemn the devilish ‘all die be die’ mantra by Akufo Addo and the NPP and to a large extent their fraudulent ‘free shs’ claim, Pastor Otabil decided to do a preaching in his church by the title ‘Your Vote’. The motive of Otabil to play victim and try in favour of the NPP cannot be over emphasized. This Otabil man’s name was used by the same NPP to peddle scare-mongering among the populace during the 2008 elections that the NDC party had targeted him and another azzaaa Pastor Dag Heward Mills for slaughter should the NDC win power. Lo and behold the people saw through this devilish act which a news report by the statesman, a mouthpiece of the NPP, says Otabil gave credence to. The people voted for Mills of NDC to be president. I’m told Mills even bent over to call this 419 pastor to assure him of safety.

So in this Otabil ‘Your Vote’ sermon, what does he say? He claims when you vote come Ghana Election day you’d be surrendering your sovereignty to one person. What a sheer sounding of deception. This is the kind of confusion Otabil peddles and calls inspirational talk. Pal, The constitution of the republic of Ghana says sovereignty resides in the people of Ghana. There’s no part of that constitution that ever talks about transfer of sovereignty let alone surrender. Otabil just doesn’t get it! Yet he opens he claims to be giving inspirational talk.

Then the audacity of a hypocritical Otabil to call on others to look beyond party names in their voting decisions. This man held a press conference on an issue and did not see beyond the party NDC. He didn’t just blame the NDC for the re-play of his voice and words but called them names such as Evil, schizophrenic, Machiallian, etc. This he did instead of focusing attention on the exact organization, Education Watch, which is behind that project. Yet this man goes to stand behind his pulpit and claims to be advising others to look beyond the names of political parties in their decision making. How come he did not see Education Watch at his presser? Clearly Otabil cannot be taken serious. He’s a damn hypocrite!

And just listen to Otabil talk about democracy not existing in the time of the Bible. Yet in the same breath he cites an instance of voting in the Bible. Otabil calls voting democracy.  Same Otabil cites an example of voting in the Bible. Yet same Otabil claims there was no democracy in the time of the Bible. Which is which? The contradiction or confusion displayed by the man Otabil in that regard concerning events in the Bible, the very book he claims to be a preacher of, is very disturbing if not alarming.

Pal, when I’m told that the Bible says ‘don’t touch my anointed’, I ask, who determines who to be anointed? Doesn’t same Bible also say not everyone who mentions the name of God and claim to do things in the name of God are acceptable to God come judgment day? I reserve my right to judge so as I’d be judged accordingly.

Let’s meet at the junction pal. There we’d have some more to talk about.

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