Sunday, November 11, 2012

collapsed melcom building & insensitive Ghana-ians

So it happened. The Melcom shopping mall at Achimota in Accra collapsed resulting in the death and injury of many. Sad occurence really. Sad!

But govt and helpers rose to the occasion to save as many lives as humanly possible. A police man got promoted for risking his own life to save as many as 14 people or so we are told. I salute him with urgency! The Isrealis who have been busy killing people elsewhere with bombs and bullets offered to help save lives here and so stormed town with gadgets of their own and we are told they did well to locate many trapped people, both dead and alive. I thank than but they must stop their murderous acts elsewhere.

I must single out our late prez Mills who sensibly laid a good foundation for our security services by re-tooling them in readiness for a day like this. He got the fire service many new fire tenders in addition to other gears. The National Ambulance service was given new vehicles for their job etc. A lot more is left to be done as can even been seen with the difference in equipment the Isrealis brought but I salute the memory of late prez Mills for playing his part well. This situation would have been worse for lack of rescue equipment if it happened before Mills became prez.

So there's much talk about what actually led to the callapse bla bla bla. For me it's just another symptom of the general level of ThiefMan-thief-ThiefMan and indiscipline in the country. Systems don't work much and folks don't respect the rules. Corruption gallore! No wonder the building was put up under the leadership of prez Kufour, which leadership made us witness one of the most corrupting periods of stuff in Ghana's history. And we are told the owner is a friend to prez Kufour.

Me I have one suggestion, aside whatever would be done to help in the future, we should have such big entities employing enough safety officials to be at post day after day to be responsible for general safety measures: fire, light, ventilation, falling objects, etc! And that's another job creation avenue there for those who make noise about job creation as if it's some mystery to have as vision.

But Pal, what I'm curious about is some sumersaulting by Elvis Efriyie Ankra, Campaign coordinator for my presidential candidate of choice prez Mahama vis-a-vis some cloud of confusion some Ghana-ians are calling 'insensitive'.

Mr. Ankra amidst the troubling collapse of the Melcom building granted interview and described the fraudulent free shs proposal from the Nana Addo and his NPP as lacking substance or foundation and hence makes their campaign collapse like the Melcom building.

But come and see Pal, suddenly hell breaks loose, some got up and claimed Elvis was insensitive to the plight of the vitims for his comparison! Of course, and as usual the NPP jumped and issued a statement calling for the sack of Mr. Ankrah. Of course I expect a fraudster to fully take advantage of the sentiments of folks to execute his fraud. So why won't the NPP led by the clown Sir John as Gen. Sec., do that? Of courst to not do so would mean being quiet as their fraud is being further exposed and they don't want that because it would mean costing them votes.

Somehow, but not surprising to me Mr. Ankrah comes out to apologize for 'inappropriate' analogy. nice way to put it. He did not say therefore the fraud free shs lacks foundation. He only apologized for using the 'Melcom' disaster for analogy. So what? Folks are accepting this apology? Well those who called for it must accept it. But not me! Please in the name of Jehohah I reject this apology as being insentitive to my concern for dangers in society. Ahem! you think you are the only one with sensitivity? Me too I have my sensitivity and mine is based on concrete rational reason! Not meaningless sentimentalism or fake political exploitation disguised as concern.

I only pity Mr. Ankrah! He's doing partisan politics in an environment where there are a lot of charlatans parading as statesmen or respectable men or elderly men and who come in all manner of forms like ex-presidents, pastors, etc., such mundane stuff! and who speak on issues and are expected to be heeded without much question.

Sometimes Pal, I feel my maker, thus if I he or she or it exists at all, was not fair to me for putting me in a world with people who spend their brain on such idiotic claims! How could a reference to another danger to society be said to be insensitive to victims of one danger that actually resulted in casualties to the extent of death? Alas that is the state of affairs we have. Not far off in neigbouring Nigeria too is a group of bandits clothed under the garb of Islamism who are bombing and slaughering folks for not being sensitive to their dictate tha Western education or Christian fellowship is a taboo. So so much ado about sensitivity! That instead of reasoning to make logical arguments and conclusions some want us to settle for these nebulous claims about sensitivity.

This can't be a society of justice! It's a society of stupidity. Claims are made and be they logically sound or not, some folks just follow like yoo-yoo swinging!

Please Pal, if you see Mr. Ankrah, tell him me too I say he should apologize to me for being insensitive to my concern for dangers agaisnt society because he apologized for saying what is logically right to say. Something that I stand for: guarding against dangers in society.

May the departed, as a result of the collapse of the fruad building have good rest and may we learn to guard ourselves agaisnt other frauds that are dangerous to the society like the so called free shs from Nana Addo and his company!

I bless you!

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