Tuesday, May 1, 2012

so let us tell you about freedom of speech 2012 Anno Domini

some, driven by Darwin’s evolution
say you man was the ape
who was the animal
who became man
once upon a changing time.

others say it was the Abba, Father who formed you
in his own image out of earth.
and both are true. so true! so so true!
so long as you believe…

so today, 2000 and 12 years after Christ
you this man can say whatever you like
so long as we like! else you can’t.

so you can tell us about mountains
we like the waterfalls
the ones that glide down
and the ones that plunge in heavy storms

you can tell us about monkeys
we like bananas too

they say we’re black
we don’t know we are
and we don’t know if we should say we’re something else

but don’t call us Niggers
else that would transform us into monsters
and rob us of rationality

some too say we are white
yet place our skin by whitewash and you’d be the confused one

but we are superior and you better not walk our neighborhood
calling us Bacon Bits else we’d transform into pink pigs
lose our brains and shoot you in the head

you have all the rights
to tell us how beautiful we imagine ourselves
even if we’re not
but you have absolutely no right
to tell us how ugly we are

you still want to tell us something?
better be sure we like it before you open your mouth
else don’t you dare!

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