Friday, March 23, 2012

noise of Ghana govt boycott of Multimedia!

first of all, a word of caution: if you are suffering from some mental disorder please do not read this! you have been warned!

and don't come talking to me about that nonsense called 'politics of insults' by Ghan-ians. I encourage you to insult me if you think I deserve it because I'd not hesitate to insult you if I think you deserve it.

Now, the govt of Ghana we are told has decided to reverse it's decision to boycott the media house called Multimedia. okay! no problem! you can help yourself and read the details about the boycott elsewhere.

my issue is with some noise makers who just jump about and make noise about something being legal or illegal. yes many have they been who have stretched their necks like giraffes without caution and pretended to be constitutional lawyers cum judges telling us that govt boycotting Multimedia is unconstitutional and hence illegal etc! such hogwash!

ask me and I'd tell you it's just bizarre! simple as that.
Pal, Yes and a big yes! the 1992 constitution of Ghana establishes press freedom and mandates the press to hold govt accountable and also dictates that no press house should be subject to control or interference etc.

But for Somkpor's sake! does that mean govt must not have the right to decide which media house to channel information through or speak to or allow to cover govt events? which part of the constitution equates the boycott by govt to control or interference, etc? which part of the constitution?

and one of the most absurd things I've heard is that Multimedia pays taxes and so it is not correct to boycott them. how so cheap! where in the constitution or any legal document is it stated that govt must 'by-force' do business with any media house or other organization else that organization should not pay tax?

Again, for the sake of sensitive Dorlor! private schools in Ghana pay taxes to govt but unless govt wishes to provide any one of them with teachers trained with the taxpayers' money govt does not serve them with such! is that unconstitutional? if not then where lies the unconstitutionality of govt deciding to boycott some private media house called Multimedia?

Please, I'm a die hard defender of freedom of speech! I believe I must have the freedom to tell you you are a fool if I find it so fitting. I believe I must have the freedom to call you by any name under and above the sun once I so wish.
I believe that even racists, acting in their private capacities must be granted the freedom to advocate for their primitive racism without any hindrance to their right to speech. So I understand that the media is important and must strive so that even the primitive message of racists must be carried. But I'm not a fool to say that just because there must be freedom of speech or freedom of the press it means that govt must not have the right to choose which media house to deal with.

Pal, Greetings to your parents!


Nana Yaw Sarpong said...


Kwesi Obeng said...

I wonder why government speedily withdrew the fiat. Could it be the administration found out how redundant a fiat it was only on hindsight?

novisi said...

Kwesi, govt changed it's stance following a meeting between govt and Multimedia and which meeting was called for by multimedia and govt honoured.

govt made it clear the onus was on Multimedia to set things right and clearly that's the kind of thing that happened.