Tuesday, October 18, 2011

doctor panie playing the fool

So the doctor panie fraternity in Ghana are on strike huh?

I say they are a bunch who are just playing the fool!

by the way, Daddy Lumba, who is one of my favourite Ghanaian musicians has a song entitled Dotor Panie (Doctor Injection or Doctor Syringe Needle! but a translation into English does injustice to the imagery being communicated). That song is, for me, one of his bad songs lyrically and I'd not mind telling him in the face! I like Aben Wa Ha! and I dance to Tokrom!

As a child growing up, you are told to speak the truth! yes pal! and there are all kinds of tales and proverbs to show why you should speak the truth. proverbs! O yes Ghanaians love to speak in proverbs which I consider as nothing but the lazy man's language!!! Pal, don't speak to me in proverbs unless you want us to engage on levels that don't require us to think but just cry maa maaa or laugh kwa kwa kwa!

So the Ghanaian would speak proverbs to you in support of truth but you trying telling the truth to Ghanaians and they'd jump at you! gird their loins by adjusting their belts or re-wrapping their cover cloths and face you hands-on-hips daring you for insulting them! then everything reduces to a contest of who insulted who and the essential point of logical reasoning to draw conclusions that make logical sense is thrown to the cats and dogs!!! O yes it rains cats and dogs! you'd be told so instead of simply being told it rained heavily.

As for me I don't care if anyone feels I've insulted him or her!!! you can go and burn the sea! sorry, your ego is not more important than the need to establish logical conclusions. I've also gird my loins in readiness for you! Insults are meant for those who deserve them, Blakk Rasta says so and I agree! even the Bible has a lot of insults for those who deserve them. And Ghanaians claim to be that much Bible believers in their numbers huh! Really, it's amazing how those who claim to believe in the Bible want us to believe they are opposed to insults!!! how can you believe in the Bible and not believe in insults? has 1 + 1 ceased being equal to 2?

Back to Point: We have a bunch of doctors on strike for one of the flimsiest of reasons you can find on this planet earth and so I hope I have not deviated like I like to do! And what is more? their leader claims people die everyday anyway so they can't be bothered if others die because of their strike!!! what horror of a disturbing insanity from the deep!

So do you sit and speak pointless proverbs to such persons or do you tell them straight in the face that they are playing the fool?

Pal, I love peace but I also love war! but give me sensible peace else let's have a sensible war! and that is why I said quickly in REACTION to that 'all die be die' battle cry by the Nana Akufo Addo that it's a foolish battle cry! you don't go to war with a motivation that you don't care how you die!
Mother of palmwine! Mawu Sodza!
So someone should tell that man again that it's one thing claiming to be tough and it's another thing applying sense to acting tough! There are a lot of lunatics on our streets acting tough already anyway!

Pal I have also called Obama foolish for claiming Americans cannot be apologetic for how they live when there's so much evidence of how they gained from the atrocities they have meted out and continue to deal others which requires them to rather go on their knees and beg for forgiveness of sins! Yet Obama made that foolish statement on the very day of his inauguration in his 'inaugural speech'!

So why would a doctor open his mouth and speak such savagery? why won't a doctor care if people die as a result of his action when that same doctor swears some hippopotamus sized oath to protect human life?

(and it's epilogue for the fun of it):
Pal, the Ghanaian is largely educationally-challenged! apart from a few folktales or fairtales that many have had told them by the fireside by their grannies and wrapped in proverbs which proverbs largely confuse issues than speak wisdom, many are they who are almost stark with ignorance! Even the so called educated people know little about the functions of their own bodies and hence what their bodies need to maintain health and what otherwise kills the body! It is no joking matter!

In Ghana where common malaria remains a gigantic killer, a medical doctor is god! many have so resigned themselves to ignorance that they think you must not say anything to hurt the doctor! few are they who know that if you eat well and drink well you can't be bothered much about mosquito bites let alone go looking for mosquito nets as prescribed by WHO and by these same doctors! we should not be alive if our forefathers did not have what it takes to survive mosquito bites! we should be gone into extinction!

But many still don't get it. So even when the doctor is fooling, instead of telling him in the face to stop fooling, they'd rather speak proverbs and tell tales to cajole the doctor into having orgasm for his/her pleasure!

I would say it again, I like war but I like sensible war! same way I believe strike actions are tools for driving points! but a strike must be based on dire need like the doctors life being in danger at his workplace! Certainly the current strike action by these doctors which is based on their disagreement to reconcile positions for future pay levels that have no negative effect on their current pay for me is nothing but foolish and they must be told so without any pretense that comes with proverbs!

Pal, I have spoken!


Aba T said...

Pal, i have heard and it is right on point.

Nana Fredua-Agyeman said...

I like your vim and your delivery. We are also to blame. We have to try, at all cost, to produce them like toffees and when production is greater than demand their price will go down. By the way, are they going to be paid for the period for which they have withdrawn their services? I guess not.

DIDI said...

You make sense Bro..I passed an award to you on my blog.