Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Asamoah Gyan, don't run away from yourself!

Pal dearest,
Please tell Asamoah to relax and not overrate himself!!!
i love Asamoah Gyan!!! I'm one of those who argued in his favour when a lot of Ghanaians spat in his face and claimed he was useless especially during the 2008 CAF tournament in Ghana when he even threatened to quit the Black Stars!

I would always defend the respectable record of Asamoah Gyan but before God and man and before God and woman, Asamoah Gyan should not claim he deserves to win of the CAF footballer of the year given the people he's competing against, chiefly among whom is the ever mighty Eto'o Fils!!! OMG! did i hear Asamoah say even though Eto'o is a legend he Gyan deserves it this time??????????????? is he serious or he just wants to be recognized for the sake of it!!!

I don't even agree with Asamoah being on the Fifa Balon d' Or shortlist. Gyan couldn't be ahead of Milito of Inter or Lucio of same Inter who all won the Champions league!!! even Eto'o of the same Inter deserves to be ahead of Gyan on that shortlist! just a cursory look at the performance of Eto' against that of Asamoah Gyan would show that Asamoah is no where near what Eto' has achieved!!!

and i'm sending a strong word of caution to CAF not to rob us of Justice again this time round as happened in 2006 when Drogba was deceitfully given the accolade in a year that he did not compare to Eto at all!!!


Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Eish, strongly!

Anonymous said...

I wish I knew who Asamoah Gyan was. Am still struggling to understand all the information in this post. CAF? Fifa Balon d'Or? Champions League? God? I accept my ignorance in saying I have no idea what any of these things mean.

Nana Fredua-Agyeman said...

No objection here. I am a patriotic citizen but an objective one as well. I believe Eto'o would win this time round and no robbing here as they did last year oo. we need a true winner.

novisi said...

Yes Nana Yaw! strongly.

lol, grahamghana, u must be living out of the football world for sure!

Nana Fredua-A, you are right. just right!