Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Amina the different hoax?

just give me a hoax and i'd love you more!!! but...wait!
let me roll time back to my secondary school days. it was lights-out one night while we retired to our dormitories. Ghost...ghost...ghost!!! someone had seen a ghost in all it's scary-majesty and the developing limbs of colleagues could not carry them faster enough! the ghost was described to be in an all white apparel. the following morning whispers went round about who pulled that prank.

Then there was this special night that i'm sure none of my classmates would ever forget! Prep time! it was so quiet that a pin-drop could be heard a mile away. i don't recall exactly what i was doing but there was some movement ahead of me and before i could raise my head albeit 'involuntarily' but inquisitively to see what; almost everyone in our class started scuttling!!! and like a ripple, as if some energy was being transmitted from class to class, all the other students run out of their classrooms as if they had to make the last dash for their lives!!! and there was this particular guy who perhaps had watched too much 'captain planet' and couldn't wait for his turn to go through the door and so chose to take a dive through the window! the resultant dive that crashed the glass blades made us discover a Hero! he was the bravest of all and instantly made the headlines! It was a sudden pandemonium! and we were later to find that what had tickled us all into such scatter was a simple attempt to get rid of a fly that had entered my classmate's shirt! and he too become a hero!!!

Pal, you see, i just love hoaxes and i could tell you of more! hoaxes just excite me in a manner that i believe even God's gift of Sex cannot!!!
indeed, the recent prank of an earthquake alert on almost all Ghanaians is one i consider to be up there!!! for me that would remain one of the beautiful times in my life!!! silly??? no-Sir-Madam!!! i consider it beautiful because it serves as a warning to us all not to take life for granted and that we need to be alert in the face of the unknown! and for me few things in this world provide such a jolt of awareness!!! and so i'm against the registration of phone sim cards again and again as i protested the last time!!!

so it came to past and we have this Amina story of a 'forced orgy'!!! Pal an orgy party i guess should be a rather enthralling experience!!! but to be forced at gun point to marshal an erection under such a circumstance when blood-flow would have been certainly directed away from my 'kakai', something the adults made me fear when i was a kid with such a name is rather too far to fetch!!! No-Sir-Madam!!! not even a hundred likes of Beyounce whom i've been only day-dreaming of would cause such a devastating spark to my libido under such duress (the condom is durex!) let alone my targeted victim being my own daughter!!! what-a-matter!!!

So this Amina story for me is just another of the hoax riding on some factual occurrence of a feared attempted robbery!!! However, i'm not getting the excitement i get from such hoaxes in this case!!! i feel rather numb about the whole episode!!! and so i'm wondering... have I now met that kind of hoax that does not excite? if so what's the difference really? i just don't seem to get the difference pal! i just don't!


Nana Fredua-Agyeman said...

May be the difference lies in the father-daughter sex. In the beginning it sounded sad but later when it came out that it was not true we all got annoyed at the purveyor. How she could marshal enough thought-energy to concoct such a story still baffles me. Why? For what?

They say that the best form of lies is one with some truth in it and that's what she did. Add the 'orgy' to the robbery.

But what if one of the passengers spotted a girl she wanted to chat up and he was made to pair up with her? lol... gun or no gun it would raise...

jacqueline said...

i would agree with Fredua with first sentence ,there s no exictment in a hoax thats says a father defile his 14yr old daugter at a gunpoint ,it cause panic attack for the soceity and then comes the elderly women .infat this story didnt seems like a hoax at all ,a mass rape ? thats very terrible ..i think thats why ghanians still dont find it funny in anyway ,Amina caused a great harm to the image of ghana and ghanians as well ...

sys said...

haa! novisi, you mean you don't know the difference? you were not part of it, that's all. the experience is the difference.

yes and the time. by the time you heard of it, "ehe ejor" and i believe you were one of the first to hear if not the first. lol.

Nana, i am sure that guy might even pledge his bank account to the robbers for the opportunity to pair, and you might call him novisi. or sys.

easy nov. love ya!