Tuesday, October 12, 2010

blackstars-white-twinkle, it's the economy stupid!

pal dear of all dear,
it's full circle again in the land of my birth!

and i guess Nkrumah was joking when he declared that the given the chance the blackman was capable of managing his own affairs! what a joke!

Pal, it appears however that so far as the nation's Black Stars's team coach is concerned this is a mirage!!!

well not exactly!!! it so happens that all the major trophies won by the Black Stars (4 time African champions) have come by way of local Ghanaian coaches and those were the days when there wasn't much madness about money in football!!!

so what changed?
i can't tell pal. but suddenly it appears Nkrumah just made a big joke and the authorities in charge of appointing coaches for the team are doing everything to damn him for ever making that joke!!! They claim it's not about local or foreign coach but that we need a good coach! sounds really cool and by my personal inclination to stand in protest against any sectarianism that excludes others from having access to equal opportunities readily sways me!!! it really sounds cool that it should just be a good coach!!!

but wait! Pal, the African, especially south of the Sahara has not been treated fairly at all when it comes to economic empowerment!!! and i blame the African partly without blinking an eye!!! but after the African helping his European and American friends to rob him of his natural and human resources in the classic trans-atlantic slave trade etc, the African is still not learning!!! There's hardly an African country that can stand the economic might of the West or even East! and yet when Ghana is looking for a coach they look out in the direction of either this same West or East to pay tens of thousands of dollars for the services of a coach!!! damnit!!! that is where i say DAMNIT pal!!!

The African is now making it look like it's only the white man that would make the Black Stars twinkle!!! and more importantly the African is failing to see that it's the economy! stupid?

The African is not learning!!!


Nana Fredua-Agyeman said...

We are only fooling ourselves. I have heard some individuals saying that the coach to help Ghana must DEFINITELY come from Serbia. Apeeetooo. Our empty-headed leaders do nothing. We are still struggling whilst China is now rubbing shoulders and matching the 'developed' countries boot for boot. Now they say that when China sneezes the world catches cold. Recently, there was a currency war and China warned the US and its allies that if it should devalue its currency it would affect world trade.

Where was China. Brazil and India are also following. So now in Economics we have the term BRICS referring to Brazil, India and China. Which country is representing from Africa. These countries didn't develop by paying attention to the so-called 'democracy', where everybody can do and say what he/she wants. Where sacking market women to build a bigger market leads to political debate and demonstrations, where even to drink water is politicised and cannot be done freely, where leaders are afraid of taking hard decisions. There is no development in weak and ordinary decisions. The man who wakes up, eat, drink, and just live gets nothing from life.

You just wait and see. It would be given to a foreign coach.

Nana Yaw Sarpong said...

Pal, man. I think it is very much about an African - or Ghanaian - coach. WHich European nation would pick an African football coach just because that 'charle' is a good coach? It's all a serious joke pal. A serious one