Monday, August 17, 2009

the point

i've not deserted you. i've just been doing some more philosophical thinking helped by some aspect of my Physics background. so here i share some of the thoughts that came to mind (i call it The Point):


Between truth and lies
Between life and death
Where lies the point?
My folks tell me
The door is either closed or opened!
But is it not possible to balance two weights of unequal measure?
There must be meaning
To a moment of being
In the middle
Half of the way
Almost there!
But where?
And where would you place the switch?


Abena Opokua said...


novisi said...

hi Abena,
is it that easy?

posekyere said...

Geez Nov!
You are sound Guru-ish today.
I usually get into the philosophical mode when I let myself to go too far too deep.
I am certain that life should be simplified to be enjoyed. Some of the answers lay beyond the horizon of our existence. No?
You have almost gotten me started my good friend.

Pen Powder said...

Physics background tell you two different weights cannot balance, psychology wise, they could co-exist. Fund the smallest congruent and build from it, thats the way...

Nana Fredua-Agyeman said...

everything in life is a continuum. It depends on where you stand at a particular point in time.

lucci said...

the point is, physics only applies in it's mathematical aspect. Life on the other hand is too complicated to be a fixed, or is that people are just complicated?

sys said...

that's it Nov. simple, complicated, neither really is. perception, they both are. balance different weights? sure especially in physics. positioning is what it takes. hmmm! got to take a little more time on this.
Love deep thinking, nov, and you.

Edward: said...

I would certainly put it OFF.

novisi said...

you are right, some of the answers are clearly beyond our reach yet!

but we must still ask and keep asking. that i don't wan't to give up yet at least.

novisi said...

Pen Powder,
that question about balancing two unequal weights is to help ponder about what it really means to be in the middle as it is actually possible to balance two unequal weights. like Sys says the distance for each weight from the balancing poing is the key there!

novisi said...

Nana Fredua-Agyeman,
i can only agree with you.

novisi said...

i understand what you mean. but physics applies to life so much that if we think about it deeply, then we'd see that life is physics as much as physics is life.


novisi said...

love you too. you make this process deeper!

novisi said...

wow! that's a bold one.
is it that simple!
or you'd rather not bother taking chances!

Esi W. Cleland said...

"everything in life is a continuum. It depends on where you stand at a particular point in time."

-I couldn't have said it better.

novisi said...

Yes Esi, Yes!

i'm in tune with that too!

Myne Whitman said...

Sometimes you just leave it at ON.

Nice blog, when are you updating.

Gameli Magnus Adzaho said...

Deep. I guess each situation drives its own specific reaction.

Tori Skene said...

I believe that there is no definate point. It is only the layers and layers of judgement and duplication us human beings have copied from one another. In the raw sense of it all we each have an original being if we can identify with it. At the end it comes down to mind over matter. The point only lies in anothers perception.

sys said...

just wondering where thou art; WHERE ART THOU, novisi

novisi said...

Hi sys!
i'm hanging in there well and alive!

cheers and thanks checking on a bro!!

Ghana_Hall_of_Shame said...

Happy New Year!
May 2010 be so good, you come out of hiding.