Monday, July 27, 2009

coporate flatulence

Dear Pal,
i checked my mail sometime today and *bingo*!

truth is, i've had this investment thing called MFUND and EPACK with the company called Databank since i was in school and i've not bothered even checking on either of them because the monies are peanuts really!

wait a minute, let me rewind to about two weeks back: out of nowhere comes an email from Databank with the time stamp Thu, Jul 16, 2009 at 3:43 PM. and the content read:

"Dear Valued Client,
Kindly find attached the end of year(2008)annual report for EPACK, MFUND & BFUND.
Kind Regards,
Client Services"

i read it and told myself okay okay okayeeeeeeeeeeee! i wasn't bothered about the import of the mail. but something *funny* caught my attention. on the "To:" (the addressees) list were a number of email addresses that clearly belonged to a bunch of individuals who work at Databank. pause! now i'm feeling all mischievous and i want to paste the whole list here for your enjoyment but not so fast, me! i have a funny feeling i've not got my back covered well enough for that kind of mischief so let's just say there was this list. clearly someone forgot to respect the "BCc:" option.

so i asked myself who the hell is doing this reckless job and hasn't the sense of care to ensure individuals privacy is protected. oh no, shame! so then i thought of emailing the company. pal, i've this disloyal erection i keep telling you about but my first reaction to issues is to think through solutions after clearly identifying a problem. so i wondered. i even have contacts there i could reach. i tossed the idea a bit here and there but i dropped it without even knowing i did till next comes a more reckless revelation.

somebody sets up an email list for Databank clients and forgets or ignores or just jumps out in a huray for a bear or a nocturnal dance without minding to put in a moderation! so all clients on the list ended up receiving a reply from one of the clients called errmmmmmmmm, let's call him Potato (there are a lot of strange names in this word and i decide on this) for safety first. That reply was intended *clearly* for the consumption of Databank but not everyone on the list. and the reply read:


that was all. this fellow wanted to show Databank appreciation. that's all. and i wish he had rather hit the "Reply-All" button instead of just "Reply" as he obviously did. i wish so because whoever is in charge of client services at Databank would have then seen what ignoring the BCc can cost perhaps.

but wait again. that was not all. and of course i did not expect it to be the end. i had still not emailed the company but i was no more toying with the idea like i did earlier. but that reply from Potato clearly had me smelling how a bomb the flatulence from Databank was and i couldn't help laughing out loud. i enjoyed the moment!

but i was later to feel sad with a smile on my face. and i wish i had emailed the company earlier! somebody or the company as a whole met to decide to play a fast or slow or an *ignorant* one on clients. yes pal! and back to the very beginning of this narration. fast forwarded back to today. I recieved another email from Databank in reply to Potato's email and it read (note my editing some part of it):

"Dear Valued client,
We humbly apologize for the email response from ...*Potato's email*, a client of Databank Financial services.
Going forward we entreat you to send all your enquiries to
clientservices@databankgroup and not
We are available to answer your enquiries and apologize once more.
Kind Regards,
Databank Client Services"

so clearly someone or Databank as a company by some foolishly smart move wants to make Potato look like a dumb ass. Databank thinks we are all just dumbs perhaps so they can get away with playing 'foolishly' smart with us.

1. Databank sets up mailing list for clients without adequate moderation but they don't acknowledge it.

2. Someone at Databank *broadcasts* email addresses of individual staff of Databank to clients on the mailing list and that fault is not even mentioned.

3. a client who hit's the *reply* click (perhaps unknowingly) has his individual email address being broadcast to all clients on the mailing list and he is not apologized to publicly.

4. Databank apologizes "for the email response from... a client of Databank Financial services." hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! really???? smart move? i think stupid! someone call me *stupid* Obama! (Obama said the Cambridge police's action was stupid). these Databank guys don't have the decency to take responsibility! they are blaming the poor guy i elect to call Potato. i disagree with anyone who thinks Africa's disease is blame game. of course we must blame but it must be proper blame!!!

so Databank might just get away with their deceitful apology. in fact i bet they will. but as for me i'm not bought one cent! and i wish they couldn't get away with this smelly flatulence of theirs! i really wish someone out there at least screams their name to shame them enough to an awakening. but i know my people to a good extent!

Pal, i pray this matter doesn't end like this!


Mike said...

I cant afford to make such errors with personal emails, so that makes me extra careful with work emails.
Databank shedding blame instead of acknowledging their initial error is unacceptable.
True, heads could roll for such errors but we need to start being held accountable for what we do at work.
This is perfect material for
Please post it there, grant me permission to post this plus your link there or suggest a way to share your experience.

novisi said...

hi Mike,

i agree with you and i see you have a brilliant idea with you blog. i pray that a lot more people would jump unto your idea. you have lead the way and i'm proud of you! bless you!

so feel free to use this post as you may wish!

Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Hmm, I will not say all I want to say lest I run the same risk you want to avoid, Nov. And yet, you have described the very suspicion I have held certain players in the corporate world under (you can call me for the name). Thank you for sharing. It reinforces further, one place I will NEVER be investing money.

Abena said...

*LOL* Most entertaining Novisi...Kinda reminds me of grad school when our course organizers sent an email to everyone in the class who was all set to receive their degree if only they past their final exams. Instead of BCCing, they accidentally sent the entire list of email addresses...So what did the smart people in my class do? They compared that list with the class mailing list using excel. Lo and behold, they identified 5 names that were missing from the green light list!

Anyway, I do get really annoyed with emails sent to all instead of individual senders so I can't say I really sympathize with the client.However, I do concede that Databank should have acknowledged their error. BTW: are their investments any good? I see they have an eco-friendly one that just came out....The Ark Fund

novisi said...

Nana Yaw you make me laugh!

but make me think more how little things like this should be taken seriously.

novisi said...

Abena, i'm no expect at this 'investment' thing that is based on nothing more than vanity (my opinion).

so i can't tell oooooooo!

what i can tell you is that mine is no money to jump about. hehe!

your experience about the BCC in sch too rocks massive. i can imagine the fun! lol.