Saturday, April 4, 2009

raw in the mix

pal o pal,
I’ve not found it easy to keep my blog for a while now cos there’s so much less inspiration to make me ram-up time in all the mix out of all the squeezing I still force to see to daily asides in the life in me.

so what is the raw one doing this time that is making every one have forced ejaculations??? i can bet the last pesewa in the bottom of me that this raw one really has a mix spell cast on a lot of Ghanaians so called! some love him, some hate him, some are not sure what to do with him and still some would just not have anything to do with him.

as for me, ever since I realized why the NEED NOT to have a LOYAL erection for not even my biological parents, i just don’t work myself into any state of disillusion forced by extra power of man!

pal, to tell you that I wish every man and woman could just say what he/she wants FREELY as opinion or feeling borne out of a tickling libido would surely be the umpteenth repetition of a belief in basics! How much could man achieve without basics really??? a foundation first before the roofing right?

so man JJ Rawlings the raw one, has been out again lambasting man JEA Mills and some other folks for all that HE CARES ABOUT! that’s all. I have my own problems with man JJ Rawlings as per how some of his core revolutionary stances seem to have suffered terrible kicks in the groin in relation to his level of personal wealth (be it legitimate money or stolen money – I don’t care, a revolutionary must always be a revolutionary (i didn't say pauper!)and on that score man Rawlings has a lot of questions from me to answer! and i salute Che Guevara of revolutionary memory!).

but… but… but… he has not gone to steal anyone’s goat, neither has he even attempted to kick out man JEA Mills out of executive power bestowed on him by the people of Ghana. in other words let’s look carefully!

ok, there’s a man called Kwesi Pratt who i believe I share a lot in terms of free thinking with (he’s demonstrated to me enough). He is a confessed socialist but i’m a ‘non-labelist’ (the irony is that the ‘non-labelist’ too is a label but I go with the obvious ‘forced’ meaning of this label). Pratt does not support coup in any form but I believe that the dynamism of man makes it such that in holding true to natural justice it would be JUST to kick out with brooms or sticks or even AK47; a man like Mills should he turn out to be A MONSTER! so we have clear differences. I see myself as just a human being. unfinished!

so, man Pratt takes on man Rawlings for taking on man JEA Mills. the summary (and i think i did some summary is school-> hehe!) of man Pratt’s reaction is simply that enough is enough because man Rawlings should just learn to live like a former president! and the question from me and myself is: 'is there a sworn code of ethics for former presidents by which they must live?' and the clear answer is NO! and sure I would be one of those who would oppose any such nonsense with all my might should there come the attempt just as I’m totally against any kind of control as per what is put out in the PRIVATE MEDIA under any form of so called broadcasting law or shit! what law at all for free media that’s supposed to be free? who is afraid of what he she has done or not done???

so i disagree with any such like man Pratt that man Rawlings of raw tendencies must not be talking waa waaa waaaa! let the man talk for the sake of nothing at all. in any case is it the imagination of anyone that they should be the ones to determine who should speak and who should not speak and on what issues?

Man Pratt asks what kind of man could Rawlings be to quarrel with people even in his own party and yet it's well known that man Pratt himself quarreled with man Nduom of his CPP. so what volcano there apart from inconsistency! A political party is a public institution and must not be treated like a cult with secrete hushes if you ask me!

you may rightly (cannot be wrong as a fundamental right!) argue against or for what man Rawlings may say but why? let him speak again and again should he choose to. he may even contradict himself as per his record and so on… and I don’t agree with all the things man Rawlings is saying but surely I believe there are some things with which the Mills man is slowing too much for comfort; for example what is delaying Mills from visiting Bawku himself and Tamale to initiate with all the spirit of the leadership position he occupies to seek to bring peace to the totality of Ghana! did he not instead go to receive an award of some sort of an 'okunyi' from his own people in Fanteland at our cost???

meanwhile even the promise (and I’m no fun of promises!) to rid Accra of dirt in his 1st 100 days (and I wonder why all the cult about 100 days!) has seen little effort. Nima is still stinking bad. The road near the prime Labadi beach hotel smells foul (and in fact all along the beach stretch of Ghana stinks). and there’s just so much plastic all around us! so why not scream for a faster rate of action no matter how slow man Rawlings himself might have been during his own office terms. Rawlings talks about mediocre ministers and i agree with him no matter how many mediocre were in his own government! just basic truths!

Man Rawlings says there are characters around Mills and yes I believe there are characters around Mills for sure! Koku Anyidoho is one I believe needs some lessons in leadership before opening his mouth waa waaa waaa! so what is fundamentally an error in the non specific but obviously correct statements by man Rawlings! some like Alhaji have chosen to assign names in interpreting what Rawlings means and I think that could only amount overly worrying of themselves since the man did not mention any names! speculation can only serve as a guide, not too much more if you want to hold a man! right or wrong!

what is even fascinating (but not really) is the fact that the some opposition which not too long ago made a funfair of letting us know that their opinion of Mills’ “hit the ground running" was rather a crawl with jerked motion (which i share to some extent) are also hitting hard on Rawlings for coming out loud on Mills. they say he has coup mentality! (what is coup mentality? - seems somebody is always dreaming phrases that only lead to absurdities).

And funny still, even Ayariga (pal, there’s just little sense going on) too who speaks for Mills comes out to say that Rawlings was a trained soldier who per his training does not take his time while Mills is a trained law man who would take his time! What a FALLACY OF MONUMENTAL PROPORTIONS. what sense is there? that there’s no soldier who would perhaps even act slower than Mills or what? or there's no lawyer who would act faster or anyhow more than Rawlings or what??? what shear nonsense pal!!!

some opposition says that all the outburst of Rawlings proves them right that Mills meant Rawlings when he declared that he was the only one president. an unneeded declaration at that by Mills. the opposition’s conclusion can only amount to forcing a situation however right by ‘correct’ guess they might be (and same applies to Ayariga and Anyidoho too for all their ‘forced’ interpretations of the ‘one-president declaration by Mills that he mean Nana and the opposition). simply the president did not mention any name. the name(s) is/are well stuck in his head!!!

again, some say Rawlings is not being fair to Mills! that is fine and I can’t argue too much against that opinion. and many of those also believe Mills lied to them about fuel prices and me too think they are not being fair to man Mills (so we all have opinions!). But my take really is that so what? shouldn’t we all (including all the thieves and social misfits) have a duty to keep our leadership in check for the sake of man and woman! Isn’t that a more noble call than giving out awards with ‘okunyi’ titles to people who take up the duty to lead us??? I’m definitely NOT going to lick no one’s boots and least leadership!!! Pal, I leave you to make your choice too!

i love reading this man Abugri too and more satirical tickles here but i still disagree that dignity comes with whispers or hush-hush only!

let man Rawlings talk and let everyone else too talk. and then let Mills decide whilst there is still talk anyway! we did not make him president with the promise that we would seize talking about leadership! did we?

but please pal, there’s just too much to gain from free speech than pretend to be the only ‘wise’ man in the midst of all the ‘unwise’!

and may the forces just continue to be with us!



posekyere said...

Ghana is such a theatre of the absurd!
I wish people would get over the extreme attention we pay to politics and politician for a change.
Of course Atta Mills is slow. But who can hurry him up if he is unable/unwilling to?

Pen Powder said...

Man oh Man! Would it be better for JJ to stand in the next "erection" so that he could implement his views. I find it rather absurd for anyone to want to control the stage from the back seat. Little wonder why Mandela is regarded as such a hero!

novisi said...

Hi Posekyere,
'absurd' is the word! just absurd!

i think we still need to keep the attention on them. else we risk being 'played' on the blind side if prevention wont work.

another thing is that i believe we must let them understand that we all are politicians. we are all politicians; only we play different roles in society! they should stop thinking they are the only ones. so that if they do wrong it would only be like a human being has done wrong. that's all.

novisi said...

hi man Pen Powder,
fortunately (i believe) or unfortunately for some others, JJ can't stand in the next 'erection' (lol) cos the constitution bars him. period.

but i believe we should all try to control government once wlegitimately! it's our right and a duty too! we must tell them what we want really and that can't be a crime!

JJ's only 'crime' here (he has other 'crimes') is that he is controversial. but how many other people out there aint???

i'm sure a lot of people would scream at me if i were to take up the mike and start shouting that we must allow everyone to express his/her opinion freely as he she wishes so far as it's within the law and doesn't hurt a fly! but we need that for sure i believe!

Nii Djan said...

Well, yes JJ has the right to express himself publicly. However, as a former head of state, you would hope that he would do so in a dignified manner. Moreover, with his history, it won't be far-fetched to think that he may have nefarious intentions with his pronouncements and critiques. Let's hope not. Let's hope that after he has screamed and yelled a bit, he can find something productive to do to better the country, such as engaging in productive discourse.

by the way, i will be waiting for the Chokor pics. If you do go by there, be sure to snap some of the Tea Garden area there.