Monday, March 30, 2009

say whoa?

yeah pal,

there are those who think Ghana's democracy is young... but i don't!

democracy is about ideas! you don't need years to grow them! ideas and principles are so old they are perhaps older than man and woman! so why all the reference to time when there's no need for that? why should one wait for 'how long' to realise that it's plain thievery to take resources that belong to all the people for oneself without the people's consent???

so i bow for PC Appiah Ofori of the NPP who says that the former Speaker of Parliament should be prosecuted for taking the peoples property! ok wait, my opinion: according to facts so far, some of the things we are told falls within his 'ex-gratia' as per legally or constitutionally! no problem however incorrect me thinks. i'm simply refering to the generator and the others that we are told he took away which clearly are signs (and is just said signs) of thievery! i could have just said it's just thievery without the signs!well...

so yes i agree, this speaker of former times must be prosecuted! and if you think i'm joking just read this! and let no one tell me Ghana's democracy is yet to grow!

yet he dares to say he would pay... ok. so what must be done? take away the items which are not due him first, second, check them and let him pay for any damages. third, prosecute him for attempting to steal and stealing! he may just be proved innocent anyway! just prosecute!

meanwhile, Bagbin of the NDC is not serious here...!

and i salute Alhaji Baturi of the NDC for telling it to Mills like it should be told him! read here...( and i'm not concerned 'too much' about their party matter with Rawlings and all that)... i only think that everyone should have the freedom to speak his/her mind no matter how foolish though!

and aside, i think i've talked about it before but seriously i think folks should get serious and scrap this thing called sch. feeding programme that is not sustainable... donor funds haaaaba!

pal, i'm at my nonsense best and you stay blessed!


posekyere said...

Could it be that over the years successive governments have related to former administrations on a adhoc we-do-as-we-please basis.
As a country, we really need to spell out in clear terms what the rules of the games are when it comes to the benefits former state oficials are given. Such a decision should perhaps be placed in the hands of a body outside the executive and Parliament.

Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Mixed masala, huh? Regarding the former Speaker of Parliament, I would like to register my horror that a person could say they had reason to believe they could take State property away with them, when their tenure of office was over, and they were vacating official premises. That's baloney.

novisi said...

hi Posekyere,
successive admins definitely have not related to former ones very well. and so have the former ones not related to their successors!

for me it simply tells that there is a load of lack of sincerity! in that if one has nothing to hide then naturally there should be the yielding sense to reach out!

and yes, as a country there is the need for a lot of admin streamlining. too much power has been given to the president! little checks and balances. and just why i keep saying we have a bogus constitution to start with!

cheers and enjoy the 'cleavage day'. hehehe!

novisi said...

Nana, baloney!!!

i love that word!

i just hope lessons are learnt! too many examples out there of the baloney!