Wednesday, March 18, 2009

my teeth

i'm told that Mills bares his teeth! at who only 'super interpreters' like his own 'person-speaking' Ayariga are able to tell huh!!!

i have teeth too! yes i do!

i have been calling that Mills must start speaking for himself! so i was rather attentive to hear him speak... but about what? ...just frivolities!!!

i believe that Mills must assert himself and assert himself cleary but for Boti-water-fall's sake, what's all these posturing of POWER??? i don't get it! simply Ghanaians decided to have Mills as president and that should simply mean that he should lead us but not to boss it over anyone! not me! you can be assured that i'd LOVINGLY refuse any such attempt directed at me with all VIGOR and POMP and with my pre-molars and molars showing readiness to chew whatever i bite with my canines!!! i bare my teeth!!!

i chose by personal conviction as a human being only born through the 'enjoyment' of other human beings but sufficiently independent no matter what boundaries are defined for me (as my country for example) to discontinue regarding Kufuor as 'my president' during his second term of office! i've even moved on to the extent of demanding from everyone else in any position of authority my personal sovereignty no matter how 'stupid' it might sound! i still stand by these and by the grace of the master of all forces i shall keep these principles dear to my heart till the end of time and space!

so why? why should Mills be so bothered to decide to bother everyone else with his wanting to show that he is and shall be the one and only one PRESIDENT and none other but him and only him Mills at this time??? i'm no fun of power play man! because the power does not belong to you the one individual made whatever leader so called president- THE POWER BELONGS TO 'THE PEOPLE' INCLUDING THE THIEVES, RAPISTS, MUDERERS, VAGINAL-SEX LOVERS, LESBIANS, ANUS-SEX LOVERS, PRAYER CAMP PASTORS, FETISH SHRINE KEEPERS, MECCA SOJOURNERS and just about EVERYONE!!!

so there should be room for anybody else to call him/herself president if he/she so wishes??? it's just a title! one may even decide to be shadow president or ghost vice president and there ought be no problem at all.

the only problem that could arise is if there is a clear usurping of THE PEOPLE'S authority (and note pal that i did not say the president's authority!) by such actions as another man without our consent going to order the security services about or taking charge of our governing bank and purse!!! once there is an ok operation by all within the laws of the land then there ought be no baring of white/brown teeth at no one by no president!

so if Nana Addo decides to return home to an organised party crowd and drive in a motorcade within the law then there should be no baring of teeth by no president no matter how a private man like me would find a lot crazy about that show by Nana! i'm a private man, but Mills is the leader of Ghana so called! this kind of difference needs to be clear!

what Mills ought to be doing is seeing to it that every citizen is safe and sound, every child has good conditions to attend school, everyone gets food to eat, that our environment is kept clean, that our hospitals are well resourced but enough education goes out to prevent diseases! such are the sort of things Mills should concern himself about!

AND IN ANY CASE if there is anyone (opposition or in authority) who needs to face the wrath of the peoples power by way of punishment it must be done and it only means that Mills must lead the way! that way leading does not make Mills the one to decide to punish or not and it must be clear! THE PEOPLES POWER must be upheld with sanctity and it must be seen to be working! our no! the institutions must work. The presidency must work and it must not matter who is occupying the position!

so let opposition decide to jump around if they want to! let them dance 'gborhey' or mapouka or let them fly to rousing welcomes and there must be enough room to allow all these within the law! Mills must just do his job and that's what's important! if women in Kumasi decide to demonstrate against the recovery of state vehicles from an ex-president Kufuor let them but only let them also understand that no man must take the people for granted! if Asaga takes decision by himself let him be shown some decency lessons!

and let all understand that it's for reasons like these that we must allow everyone to speak and speak freely, be he/she Rawlings the raw one or Kufuor my dear Kufused or Mills the point missing one or Nana the one who want's to be president or just my nonsense self!

meanwhile pal, this is just the kind of thing i've been preaching... CLICK AND READ THIS!!! and if you happen to know the guy who put this together tell him he has a pal here!



Abena said...

Interesting Novisi, so I gather you thought his statements were redundant? There was some talk about the gritting teeth at work this morning and everyone seems to be asking...who exactly was trying to get the message across to:
1. The Press
2. The Nana Add and the NPP
3. Ex-President Rawlings
4. Himself

posekyere said...

Geez Nov,
You appear to have blown some gaskets!
As far as Atta Mills is concerned, He seems to be showing a great deal of frustration,lack of confidence and a sense that someone is becoming a threat to him as "the president".
To get a clear answer as to who he is possibly speaking to, one needs to answer the question "who is manifesting presidential authority that is eclipsing Atta Mills presidency?" He says there is only one president at a time. That means in his mind someone is contending with him for the leadership high ground which he sees as a threat.
He says now he is going to get tough and that people should not consider his love for peace as a weakness. That tells me he is intimidated by that same one whom he fears is stronger and is overshadowing his authority.
Here is a man who is hungry for much more acceptance and respect than he is getting. He thinks some quarters in Ghana are treating him with contempt.
If he is not careful, he will soon embark on a path that will completely wipe out whatever political capital he has at the moment.
I wish somebody sensible will advise him to focus on leading the nation in humility and patience. That is what Ghanaians elected him to do. If you ask me, the mere contemplation to 'show them where power lies' is a mindset of a loser.

novisi said...

Hi Abena,
you know? the number 4 really freaks and if that was the case then Mills could have simply gone looking himself up in the mirror and talk to the image he sees perhaps instead of trying to look us all in the faces with folded brows!

and yes 'redundant' is a sweet description for this warning from Mills if you ask me!

Abena, i've not done a lot of blog reading lately, i'm visiting your site right away!

novisi said...

Hi posekyere,
some things must just be said with the teeth bared i guess!

our leaders must get the point that whatever power they have is only derived from the 'people' which can hardly be counted and so there's no need to show or prove oneself all powerful!

in any case there's just a thing line between trying to prove one's power and the abuse of power!

our leaders must respect our rights to express ourselves within the law no matter what 'day-mares' they may have about those legitimate expressions!

cheers man!

Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Yes, Novisi! You've just about voiced out all my thoughts. And I have been having debates with some ordinary people like me (who are happy to learn that you trully considers us the holders of the power) along the lines of Abena. Who was Pres. Mills really barking at?

novisi said...

Hi Nana,
you are so right! the power really belongs to us and if anyone should be barking then we 'the ordinary people' should be barking and barking with a deafening din at Mills. the other way round is just needless for leadership!

and we are left to wonder who the target is. i am completely freaked out (thanks to Abena) about the school of thought that he was 'showing his teeth' to himself. hehehehehe!