Thursday, March 19, 2009

10 yrs on

10 yrs ago i had the inspiration to put pen to paper and what came out was like poetry that i read back in school. that 'accident' was something else and i just got addicted! now i'm out of control (and btw if you just got a ting, know that i love Enrique Iglesias)!!

and now in my tenth year (i can't believe it...whoa!)...2009 and still counting! this poem is the first i've written this year. enjoy:

a gal’s song

tell me…

shouldn’t a gal have a song?

feel proud
to tell the world the fullness of her chest
the sensual line in-between her breasts

shouldn’t a gal
just breathe…
feel free
to reveal
the roundness of her mazy navel
the charm…
while on a graceful catwalk down Kwame Nkrumah avenue

kro-kyia … kro-kyia

with the breezy-swing of her arms
blending in sweet-motion
with the weaving steps
of her elegant legs

kro-kyia … kro-kyia

tell me
shouldn’t a gal
just be
show off some flesh at will
the collour-spread that defines the circles
of her waist-beads?

tease the senses in the air
a little
as she may please?

shouldn’t a gal just make her body sing?

I'm still looking for that first poem i wrote and i would post it once i get it.
[anyemi = 'my friend/my fellow' in Ga. i gues i'm right with the translation].


posekyere said...

You really have an idea or two about the heart of a lady.
I will be back to read it again.
Bless Nov !!

novisi said...

Hi Posekyere,
that's a tough call for me interestingly!

an idea or two? i'm not sure!

this piece though was an attempt to just celebrate the beauty of womanhood in aesthetic 'photography'!

i need more inspiration now!