Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I'm no Racist

I know this road
i know it so well
i could close my eyes
and still picture and map out
and paint for you all the pot-holes, sharp-turns, speed rumps and bumps

i've even probably been down it before, once or twice in my unconscious state

but please me
please let these words not only remain poetry on this page
but let it go down your CONSCIOUSNESS and right into your heart
and out to your fellow man and woman

and so today as i sit back in this but only one such space for a man
in this part of the world way away from the 50 states of America
monitoring online, listening to radio ad watching tv while praying
soul searching too
that the messages of Barack Obama may reign supreme on this day

that all men and women would reach fellow men and women deeper than skin-deep
that we all have a common destiny
that this world remains a safe and livable place for all mankind

that a black man like me does not only vote for Obama
because of the collour of his skin
because the very struggles of the civil rights era
championed by men like Martin Luther King Jr.
and groundbreaking women like Rosa Parks
must surely transcend the train of racial hatred
that all men are presented with equal opportunities
to realise their dreams, visions and aspirations!

I'm no racist!

On this day the America goes to the polls to choose between Obama (African American) and McCain (White man)....and after having too many times said that I was in support of Obama not at all because of his collour, i just felt that I must restate this position because some of my friends just think it's not possible to do that for a black man like me....i find that sad indeed!!! I'M NO RACIST mennnnnnnnnnn!!! i'm not cosmetic!

I would have supported anyone who presented Obama's kind of message and even more! (I have my differences with Obama for sure---over US bias for Isreal for eg). Becuase for sure I wouldn't support Kufuor of Ghana or Idi Amin of Uganda or Kwame Kilpatrick of Detroit (USA). Character and message really counts...the balance must be good to get my support truely and truely!

I mean pal, this is the information age (global village...be it real or not) and let no one bog me down with self-ills like supporting Obama just because he's black! I would have naturally said that is stupid...like i like to say in the street...you know! but i wouldn't say that on this ocassion (as if i haven't already...hehehehe)!

and the funny thing is that, the majority of the voters (those whose CHOICES REALLY MATTER) in this election are not blacks...they are caucasians...and so why all the fuse if this whole struggle could just come crumbling in should the CHOICES come down to only familairity of skin collour!

It's history yes...and so what?...it would still be history even if he doesn't win...so history and so what? it would still be history if he wins and ends up screwing-up big time like my bizness...we need better galvanizing of our energies than just talking trash...and that's why I support Obama...also because i sense he sees beyond a note of history!

I'm supposed to be happy today pal...but this balooney just got me off course a bit...i'm done...

I'm off to the vigil for Obama...(and it's for a greater course than the skin collour)...that one...you betcha!!!


Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

And, he won! Novisi, I know you're no racist.

novisi said...

yes Nana, he did...so soundly too.

and no, I'm no racist...i love all mankind, green or purple colloured skin...


posekyere said...

Bless you, Novisi,

It appears to me that you possess a much deeper and passionate grasp of the concept of the commonality of all mankind than most other men.

The centrality of this noble persuasion is well cemented in almost all your postings and comments.
Thanks for keeping us informed, focused and balanced in this regard.