Thursday, October 30, 2008

the debate

so it came to past...

four out of the 8 presidential candidates took questions and gave answers under some guise called presidential debate...i'm not sure really! it wasn't a debate enough! it was more of a question and answer session!

my view:

it was generally a boring encounter...apart from Dr. Nduom who made some show of it...>>show boy Dr. Nduom<< >>Mr. Nana Akuffo Addo was too eager to defend Kuffour's past 8yr record while spewing a lot of words with little substance...some think he 'talks' English with a nice drawl (slangs?). For me his only bright moment was when he referred to the bill that was passed by parliament yesterday! and he also had some figures however true or false to show he's on top of issues...

But in trying to hard to defend the Kuffour's administration this man dares to tell us that food prices have been on the decrease??? is this man in this country? is he intouch? and he was misleading...asking whether the construction of the Bui Dam was in the handing over notes that NDC passed to NPP...when Prof. Mills suggested that had they followed on the NDC's energy plans the country wouldn't have had the recent energy crisis...and Prof. Mills did not mention Bui dam...he mentioned the west Africa Gas Pipe line, Osagyefo Badge... and for sure it was during the energy crisis that the Bui Dam that was started by Kwame Nkrumah was revisited! So Nana can't mislead folks like me...No! He Can't!

Nana either did not understand Prof. Mills indication that the manufacturing sector's contribution to GDP was zero or that he just chose again to mislead by putting out in folly-bravado figures from his stomach...what's it that said about mangoes and apples?...which figure is even fact-checked to be in the negative...meaning that Prof. Mills was even charitable or that he too was not sure of the figures!

Then when Prof Mills suggested that let nobody think that it is because of their good needs that Ghana has found oil, Nana Addo, came saying well, it's surely luck...LUCK??? is that we should reduce our leadership to? (to suggest that the NPP has some good omen following their rot i guess...No wonder Andrew Awuni claims that Kuffour is full of grace....and that's why Ghana found so cheap!) ...this kind of mentality is sickening pal! yet this is a man who claims he believes in Ghana...luck?

I have said constantly, that if I were this man, I would flee from Kuffours record because it's nothing to write home about...even McCain is fleeing from Bush...clear and simple!

>>Prof. Atta Mills was for me did not add style to his delivery...and i could see through the radio...he was straight...charisma??? but that's trivial...he put out some substance and that's more important...but he did not take on Nana Addo well enough...I'm sure I would have done a better job... I would never allow that guy (that one) to runaway with any false impressions...never...I would have painted the picture and put it in his face well and square and he would dare!

but it was Prof. who had the opportunity...and I expected him to have hit hard on the issue of security by at least pointing out that the administration of which Akuffo Addo was part could not deal with cocaine problem by citing for example that the IGP does not deserve to be in office after having loads of cocaine stollen from the store room of his HQ without trace upto date!

Prof. should have 'taught' Akuffo Addo how to differentiate figures by restating the point about the GDP contribution of the manufacturing sector instead of allowing him to run with that false impression of him having corrected Mills.

However, Prof. Atta man for me gave the 'sweetest' closing remark. It was one that told why he wanted to be president- to serve (very profound statement that) and it traced his background as a teacher who learnt well through his own students how not to brag and think himself the best there can ever be but that there are always others who could do better in any given situation. (Clearly a subtle but very strong take on Akuffo Addo who tells us that he is the 'best man for Ghana'). i loved that one! let no one brag at all...else one would be called to show it...

>>Dr. Nduom!! This man has done himself some good and he's the News after the debate...with all his corn tactics (me think corn man he is). But sure he was the show boy from dressing (as I found out later) to presentation style. And he tickled me...yes he did...only at the back of my mind I can't cease for forget that he's a corn man! even though I'd personally choose him over Akuffo Addo any day so far because he makes the point that there must be change (no matter how it narrows to his ambition). I'm only sad that he's the candidate leading the CPP of the great Nkrumah...sad...

but the guy tickled me massive. he brought his points home more easily than all the other contestants though I can't trust him. he was massive and I would laugh 'for' him (not 'at' him, mind) some times. He certainly was the show boy of the night! and i'm happy for him for the fact that at least he's doing well for the CPP because more people take him serious compared to the immediate past leader Agudey. I pray CPP is the future!

>>Dr. Mahama! Four years ago he was the darling debater. But he clearly lost some touch this time round...he could not connect very well with his points...but he was also practical with issues. He did Ok. Left to Me alone, I would make hime the next president for the nation! Yes!

So My ranking:

1st. Dr. Nduom,
2nd Prof. Mills,
3rd Dr. Mahama,
4th (and last) Mr. Akuffo-Addo

For me pal, the whole point i got from this debate is the re-enforcement of the fact that there must be a change in leadership...Akuffo Addo does not think so and claims that we should stay the if there was even one when the country is really on autho-pilot...what course? but I do and I recommend that you do too!

Let there be change!


Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Well said, Novisi, but my ranking:

1. Nduom (eary start, strong finish)
2. Akufo-Addo (slow start, lively finish)
3. Mills (consistent)
4. Mahama (well...)

A said...

Interesting take! Who is this Kuffour you refer to at length? I could have sworn the President of Ghana was John Agyekum KUFUOR.
Personally, I would be reluctant to liken Kufuor's record to that of GW Bush.
I have also noticed that most people ranking the debate give their take based on their own political leanings.

novisi said...

Yo! Nana,

seems (seems)like your ranking is based on presentation style...???

some of that features in mine as well...especially for Nduom...else I would have Dr. Mahama on top as the winner!

But for me, the ultimate point is beyond the ranking...i guess Nduom made me attempt it...just because he tickled me on the night...just that...else I wouldn't even bother...

The fact that apart from Akufo-Addo, all the contestants admit that the state of affairs are nothing to jump about is profound...and for me, those 3 relate more to the hardcore issues than Akufo-Addo who 'almost' says all is well...

I can't place a person who gives me that ahead of any of the other 3!

and by the way, let me just add that I think it's about time we started seeing this exercise as no too special a thing to happen to this nation anymore! it should be a natural thing that should happen!

we must demand it from people who want to lead us and not be too quick to applaud them too much to the point of hailing them for doing things they ought to be doing!
{the post itself is long enough, sorry}


novisi said...

hi a,
that's a cute label (name?) you have! mean 'that one' becha!!

you've already sworn and I'd swear too (by antoa OR nyama or none) that you're more than right!

I actually call him the Kuffused one (or KUFUSED with only one F) with deep affection because i believe he's one who really confuses issues of's not about awarding oneself with a gold dog-chain for example...see?

I won't be too reluctant at all to liken Kufuor's record to that of Bush the! This is a man Kufour has named a highway in Ghana after (Bush Motorway!)...a man whose actions has lead to the MURDERING of millions of Innocent children, women and men in Iraq and ended up destroying a peoples' rich collection of historical fiber...(that action insults my sensibilities...see?)

The thing about birds having the same feathers comes to mind...this is a man Kufour praises and wines and dines with at the least opportunity...and we know it's beyond international diplomatic's almost like boot-licking...[Kufour has never denounced the Iraq war-I'm sure Nkrumah would have...taking tip from the reason from the non-aligned movement of which Ghana is a member]

you are not too far from the truth about people's ranking based on political leanings...that would always come to play no matter how one want's to be objective...

BUT i think you mean 'political party leaning' actually right??? because really, I'm one who believes that every effort that results in or leads to a decision is deciding what to break your fast with in the morning...YES!!!

I DON'T BELONG TO ANY POLITICAL PARTY...NO...i only believe in the ideas of Nkrumah (well most, because if I were him I would have cared a bit more about the lives of the likes of Danquah-human life is priceless) i've a leaning to the Nkrumah ideas...that's political...and yes I do!

but I tell you what if i were a white American and if i were a republican, I would be supporting some are doing...because there is the need for change from this whole mentality about war war war!

So if Akufo-Addo would admit that the standards set by Kufour are FILTHY...i might just listen to him...and i might just listen again...even though I really want the NPP out of the way...

so i want to make the point again that my ranking is not only based on 'political party' leaning!

else A CPP leaning person like me would not have any problem at all with Nduom but I do have a huge problem with him...he's a corn man me think! and I would have actually made it look like:

1. Nduom, 2. Mahama (he's Nkrumaist too), 3. Mills (NDC comes closer to CPP than NPP), and still last 4. Akuf-Addo (I can't relate to NPP apart from crucial times like in the 2000 when we needed change as well)...

but seriously, I would give Dr. Mahama the chance to lead Ghana was it left to me alone!

the stakes are too high

and hey...thanks for sharing your thoughts...

with you with love!