Friday, October 24, 2008

one child, two fathers

so what if my mom had two husbands so that i had two fathers?

could you or would you be bothered which one actually planted me in my my mom's womb as per what the biology books say?

so well, i close my friday on an interesting note! one woman and two brothers for husbands and they actually do the coupling biz by schedule! polyandry extraordinaire!

and just imagine what would come to one 'on-heat' brother while the other is deep inside..."i wish it was my turn instead of my brother to 'eat' OUR wife tonight" (and a translation into twi would always make a deeply beautiful read) the disappointed fellow...ooohhh...don't worry, tomorrow will be your turn! and so voices would come to encourage him from somewhere nowhere!

but like you'd read, it's for definite reasons...economic chiefly...oh...meanwhile the likes of McCain have 13 or so cars see? and those certainly ain't the Tata cars of today!

i've always known that such a thing as polyandry exists somewhere in the indias but i never really knew that it involved that one is new...and i think somewhere on the african continent too it's present...false? well these days i hear that wearing of earings by guys has never been an african thing...but i've seen loads of Masai guys don the earings with pride...hip hop culture??? how about tatoos? they've always been with us too...used for IDs since the time man thought it so...multi-dimenssional now with a bling culture...true?

loads of funny things in the world yo! and religion even makes it even more murky but it's still a free world...well...but for the likes of Bush and Osama! hehehehehe...

so Pal, just keep at what you do best right!

have a lovely weekend and cheers!


Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Great mix, there. You really ought to write more. What prevents, you?

novisi said...

i really wish i could write more you know...just doesn't happen...and that's a lot of mix too.

i'd be trying!