Wednesday, September 3, 2008


This one "is come" to you in a blast (uneditted) and is tagged EIGHTEN! not PG!

I'm not inspired pal...!

i'm not!

not with all the nonsense around me. is it any wonder that i've been off the BlogerLand awhile without warning!

but see, last time that Obama made his acceptance speech, i stayed up all night (it was as late or as early as about 2.20 am) just to hear some inspiration...AND I GOT IT...!

That is just a man like me. it doesn't matter where the sense is coming from once it's sense enough and even more i would watch and listen!

but i do listen to nonsense too. I love nonsense for that little mischievous part of me to dance around with just for the nonsense sake of i'm currently following the McCain thing and waiting to hear him too...aaaah, i heard Bush too this morning...another night worth the wake for a dose of nonsense feed! That guy thinks he can use 'the fear of fear' to get thinking people to cow whiles he perpetuates nonsense on the blind side of their consciousness. 

Bush does not get it! (just like Obama puts it to McCain) else he wouldn't be screaming about us living in a dangerous world and pretending to be the one who has secoured America! and there question comes: 'secured against whom or what?' No...Bush does not get it- that his type of leadership to say the least is shit! he does not get it! No he doesn't because the same person he insists should be the next president of America is 'in a way' (a way not enough, me think)  calling for change in the leadership of Washington! would Bush 'the bush one' ever get it?

And what's it with my folks in Ghana? I'm all for the point that 8 yrs of the Kuffour administration has been so close to shit and we need better! Ghanaians deserve far better (i wish i could rather just be saying human beings deserve better instead of having to play on this sectorial shit called nations or countries- and yet, they just don't count!) 

but what do we see or hear? the presidential aspirant of the rulling npp is all about town claiming that the Kuffour administration had laid a 'solid foundation' on which he would come to build. What nonsense to proclaim...when our economy is in shambles, when corruption has been reduced to the president only practically challenging us, (DARING US in fact) to bring evidence else he wouldn't investigate allegations against his officials and education and practically every sector seems to be on the decline. 

Pal, don't tell me our economy is doing well because we have re-denominated our currency. No, don't tell me that else I'd refer you to Zimbabwe (click here) having done same and the result is no change! afterall what is this deception...? mapping 10 to 1 and then going on to tickce oneself and laugh out loud foolishly at the new label '1' that just ONLY represents '10'? human beings deserve better!

If i were Akuffo Addo, the npp presidential candidate, i would flee from the record of Kuffour like the way McCain is trying to do somehow! at least, then we would be sure that, we won't have a president who would only come to praise himself and use tax-payer's money foolishly! we would be sure then that there would be a CHANGE, a depature from the nonsense 8yrs we have endured!

and sad things! our folks are killing brothers and sisters already even before the election comes. No Pal...No! let there be peace and hopefully change will come! 

I'm not drawing parallels here with the Obama's message for the sake of it. It is just that it's what we need to move forward. We cannot and must not allow any more of 8yrs of failed promissed and policies to the extent that it breeds impunity!



Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

You know, your style of delivering political commentary is going to take you places. It is so crisp and unputdownable. I just love reading you. But, please remain inspired and write a bit more often.

novisi said...

i just hope not to be taken to the wrong places.

It's all a very weird world...I mean why must people just not have the freedom to express themselves BY WORD OF MOUTH OR WRITTEN TEXT?

that said, i know i'm up against the forces!

thanks for inspiring!