Saturday, March 3, 2007

Ghana@50 part II (and my soccer instincts)

dear ONE,

So why would a state celebrating it's 50th anniversary of 'freedom' (or independence) be too ready (in a manner of sharp contrast) to deny it's own citizens the simple right to demonstrate how they would prefer to celebrate the same independence anniversary other than what the government executives of the day propose. sheer contrast right!

I am talking about the CJA's planned independence march! and I am talking about the attempt by the powers that be to use the judiciary to cripple freedom of expression (don't you mention the rule of law! no don't! just don't!). It's interestingly vital to note that as part of the struggle to gain independence from the colonial masters, boycots and demonstrations even at the peril of peoples lives were employed - and the result of all these we seek to celebrate? INDeeD!

is it all the case that someone is having some dizzy funky feelings and does not want to be embarassed? well...well...well...

i would just end here.

My soccer love!
and oooooooh! Drogba is the African footballer of the year 2006? did they say 2006? how do people come to this conclusions? well congrats Drogba but sincerely with the performance of Eto'o in the year 2006 (and i mean the year 2006) I don't think you deserved it more than he did. he won La-Liga with the top scorer award, won UEFA Champions League with a noteworthy goal in the final and he was also top scorer at the African Cup of nations; all with splendid performances.

Drogba was not even top scorer for his Chelsea club in 2006! maybe the shot callers should rather be looking at this year. i have a feeling people got clouded by his current form. well 2007 is for Essien. so all well and good if 2006 goes to the man DROG since next year is for Essien definately.

oh! sure the Ghana Black Stars deserve the honour! Best national team 2006. YEAH!

most definitely.


Obed Sarpong said...

Hey pal, hold it! Don't rush for you may crush. Did you bother to know what it takes to embark on a demo? Since it is a democratic right, so is the lives of other citizens. Anything which is a jeopardy to life and property of the people and the state must be blocked. Now to the facts, no misinformation, none whatsoever. CJA, as the constitution of Ghana requires, sort the protection of the police. The police said their resouces are stretched to the limit because of the 50yrs celebrations and other security duties. Is this not sense to you? Ok, typical of the "too known" Ghanaian, CJA tried to go on the demo( illegal in this sense, and may cause damage if you don't know). And now you see where actually the law lies and individual freedom is protected. Think again pal, i know you know better than what you have written...

Obed Sarpong 4 u said...

I forgot to comment on ur post on my blog. Yep... that would be law, but no law. What u are trying to call law would not be because it is unnatural in our modern worl:bad example i guess, speaking against prz and be crucified. No. That law we are talking about and which is been used now was made by a foolish majority, then in power and ruling in parliament alone. Do you understand? No one is been made a bozo here, right?