Sunday, February 25, 2007

Ghana@50 part I

So i've been wondering. Must we all tow the line? where lies the diversity that brings beauty? is it still the same old fantacy democracy? well...

anyway, so i've been wondering still? do you ever wonder too? how about this: how did you become a citizen of your country? For all i know I bear a Ghanaian label through no fault of mine. no doubt it brings nice feelings though especially when i watch the Black Stars shine! Kwame Nkrumah is a name i love to be associated with and there again is Kofi Annan of our time.

All well and good; but if i choose not to jubilate because Ghana has been in existence for 50 long years but instead say a prayer and reflect on all the reasons why some men decided to define a land boundary called Ghana and rope us all in, there must not be a problem with that at all.

i hate oppression! and i hate colonisation - (the kind of thing happening in Iraq currently- and don't tell me Bush seeks to bring Iraqis Freedom) but nationhood that brings limitations to the basic human spirit is not something i could be a fan of. The world is a big stage. I must feel free to live anywhere i want to and to relate to whoever i want to at any point in my life. You want to talk about Patriotism? well, the world for me is my country in spirit and form and I'm a patriot of the whole world.

So what is the big deal if I am a Senegalese and i choose to celebrate Ghana@50. ahuh! that one sounds good to your ears huh! well...i still insist there is beauty in diversity. whoever on this earth chooses to celebrate Ghana@50 should do so without inhibitions and likewise the reverse.

Do i hear some people are unhappy and actually want to stop others who want to pull a parallel celebration of some sort on the same 6th of March? well... to be continued!!!

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