Friday, April 26, 2013

Bawumia and his Tilapia

so the resource wasting and indeed foolish petition by Bawumia and his Akuffo Addo and their Jake on the 2012 prez election in Ghana is ongoing at the court with full blast live telecast.

assuming I was some stranger in Ghana who did not know what went on during the 2012 elections as some people are making themselves out to be, even though they voted (and christo! they voted!), for me, the court case should have been called closed last Wednesday 24th April the 6th day of proceedings as Bawumia under oath agreed with the suggestion from Mahama's counsel Tony Lithur that Mahama did not steal and that Mahama won resoundingly; with Bawumia only adding, albeit, that 'with irregularities'. This record at the court proceedings answers the two-state issue the Supreme Court laid out to be determined: 1. whether there were irregularities and 2. whether the irregularities affects the results. Bawumia dug his own grave right there and that should have ended his stupid litigation.

but yehowa save our souls from being foolish. under cross-examination, after Bawumia made all sorts of allegations, he claimed that if your Tilapia was stolen while your watchman was asleep; that your watchman failed to do his job does not rob you of your right to ownership of that Tilapia and hence the right to seek repossession of same.

this was after it was suggested to him that he could not have a case to complain after agents he and his Akuffo Addo and their Jake sent out to monitor the conduct of the elections did not submit any complain but rather endorsed the proceedings to be satisfactory.

and they call that Tilapia tale an analogy?

Ok. if Bawumia was just an innocent man walking down the street or in some bush, minding his own business and he suddenly shouted this Tilapia tale of his in relation to nothing in particular, then I'd have called him intelligent. Then of course it would be a general truth in itself and by itself (in relation to no particular). An aphorism, even, thus!

But why? why again? we are in court as a nation over a very foolish matter brought upon us by Bawumia and his Akuffo Addo and their Jake; a case of election results, a case of electoral CONTEST, where all interested parties have equal right to position themselves for the ultimate prize - victory!

So how in the name of yehowa does such a situation merit likening to the ownership of Tilapia, let alone that that Tilapia would be said to have been stolen for which reason the case must be made for the return of the Tilapia to the owner? how? How did Bawumia come to own this Tilapia of his? was it by inheritance? his late father willed it to him or what? or he bought this Tilapia at the Accra Mall? or his wife gave it to him as a gift for being a loving husband? so how did Bawumia come to have the 2012 prez election victory as his property for us to be disturbed with his irritating bleats that he must be made to have his property back? how?

If Bawumia cannot show us how the 2012 presidential election victory became his property then we better tell him to stop telling such foolish tales that only fudge the issue at hand further. That tale from Bawumia cannot by sanity be held as an intelligent analogy. analogies don't exist in vacuums. analogies must be applicable to situations under consideration. And there's no logical relation between owning a Tilapia that gets stolen on one hand and electing oneself to contest with others for a prize on an equal platform on the other hand.

again, pal, may yehowa save our souls from such foolishness as Bawumia brings to us.


Nana Fredua-Agyeman said...

Caustic. Who said it isn't their property? LOL

novisi said...

hehehehe ah well! property grabbing mentality perhaps.

Nana Agyemang Ofosu said...

I do not want to believe you meant the statements made in this post.
First the case in court is not resource wasting and foolish as you say it. Did you expected they kept quiet when they felt they have lost unfairly.

Nana Agyemang Ofosu said...

I do not want to believe you meant the statements made in this post.
First the case in court is not resource wasting and foolish as you say it. Did you expected they kept quiet when they felt they have lost unfairly.

Nana Agyemang Ofosu said...

It is surprising to read that you suggest the case of the petitioners is resource wasting and foolish.

novisi said...

Nana Agyemang Ofosu,
yes boss I meant the statements in this post. It is up to you to believe or disbelieve. belief is a personal affair to enjoy. So enjoy your belief/disbelief.

But your comment rather reinforces my post in the sense that you say nothing to prove me wrong. Instead you talk about 'feel' which 'feel' (feeling) we must know is an animal thing. Goats too have feelings and so do hippopotamuses. So if your claim about the rightness of this case is based on 'feeling' then let us be clear that you are pushing an animal sensation above human reason.

If we are all to take actions merely based on what we feel do you know where you'd be now? think about it.

Let me lesson your surprise by re-stating that the case of the petitioners is foolish and resource wasting. It is up to you to prove me wrong because I've made my case clear. Do you know how many classrooms could be built from the cost of this foolish case? Have you taken your time to sit down after your heave banku or fufu to think about this? Did you not hear Bawumia admit that Mahama won? what else do you want to see before you'd stop alarming yourself with surprises with a mere statement of the fact that the petitioner's case is foolish?