Monday, March 25, 2013

Sena Dagadu

Pal I wrote the following for Sena Dagadu whose music I find completed by her vocal prowess!
well, hers is the kind of stuff I call music really. I have seen her perform without instruments and I have seen her perform with instruments too and I have always seen her demonstrate total control over her vocal delivery. Am I making noise? well, I think there are too many pretenders (like Becca, hehe! :-p) on the Ghana music scene that a good music bird like Sena should be trumpeted to reach every grain of sand on the land. Anyway, enough plenty talk. Enjoy her album, Lots of Trees here

Sena Dagadu
it was in the bar
a joint near Kotoka
with a bottle and a tot
peanuts in between.
and poetry at the microphone.
brothers and sisters had the flow
but she took the place by a sudden storm
"wow! is she from these parts? she doesn't sound..."
"hush hush... didn't you hear the announcer mention her name?"
it was one hell of a vocal storm
"can you feel me now?" she sang
in a mix of afropop, soul and a ting of rock
but it was not a question meant to be answered
you just felt her.
your feet moved and if it didn't move your shoulders moved
your waist would move
and it wasn't just the song
her voice was intensity
her voice was power!
pass on a song to her
yeah, pass it on
and you'd feel her tongue
wrapped around the rhythm like she brought it from the womb
the pitch was in the right measure
the lyrics were forever caressing

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