Saturday, December 29, 2012

oh what a Nana Addo shock

another day is come!

So yesterday I got the shock promised by the goons in the NPP who would not let us have some minimum sense but are about making all manner of illogical and plain stupid claims under the guise of democracy or deepening democracy!

I don't know about you pal. I went to the polling station on December 7 at my own sweet time, after 3pm, even though I heard alarms of how some folks had queued up from evening the previous day for an event that was supposed to start 7am (Ghanaians love their politics in a funny way with all manner of pretenses too). No hussle for me. I got me through the voting process with a feel-good air after which I hit some joint with pals for enough to drink to keep me alert for the long hours of following the work of journalists who claimed to be mounting all kinds of stages for monitoring the count of votes on radio and tv.

I love drama. So I listen intently to both sense and nonsense and note them down respectively. and yeah o yeah! there was 'lot--a' npp crap propaganda in the air especially on joy fm as to how they had already won the elections even though it was announced that over a 100 constituencies (out of 275) had problems and so would be voting the following day. I have since 2008 not taken joyfm as sensible radio station for journalism anymore. The likes of Adjoa Yeboah (and where the hell is that load of beauty now?) and Kormla Dumor made me listen some when I was a kid. Since 2008 I got to know where to get more reliable facts on elections: Radio Gold 90.5FM albeit tainted with NDC propaganda too (but and so what? I campaigned for JM but I did so based on facts without hiding under any pillow. Point is simple, give me facts and give me logic even if it's tainted with whatever propaganda. Just make sure you don't churn out lies like joyfm does.

I have no idea whether my particular vote for Mahama as president was countered or thrown into some dustbin. I wish I had the opportunity to be shown evidence of my vote being added to the lot. With the illogical claims by the NPP thus far, I might as well claim to be deepening democracy by hitting the courts to demand that my particular ballot be proved to have been added and countered all the way to the desk of the EC boss before he declared the winner. Don't ask me how. There must be unique identifiers on all ballots.

So if I can't have evidence that my particular vote was countered and it's the same for everybody then why the heck is Nana Addo and his assistants disturbing everyone with the claim that he's so much of a democrat and that he wants every vote to be countered? What the hell! Too many people have sat down quiet to allow this sham of a hype to be disturbing our ears for too long.

So the Nana finally filed their so called 'evidence petition' in court yesterday. So what case is Nana Addo and NPP making now after so called knowledge of evidence of 'systematic' rigging of the election by the EC, the media and Mahama? What the NPP has given us in the public domain are claims of IRREGULARITIES. That's all. There's not a shred of even a claim of rigging on the part of Mahama or the EC or the media (in fact the media is totally cut out now). So this is the basic issue at hand. We were told some people rigged the election and that there's evidence for that. Now the 'evidence', if we can even call it that, brought to us is only about IRREGULARITIES! not rigging. where is the logic? That is the crux of the matter.

Pal, as always when you insult me that I'm a fool who does not think I only find it apt to reply kindly. The display of the Nana Addo and Co is nothing short of that. I'd reply them in same measure. So that is the issue at hand. the NPP is calling me a fool, especially so that Nana Addo opened his mouth and claimed he filed that very foolish petition on my behalf. What the hell! You don't have my permission to file that foolish stuff and yet you have the audacity to claim you're doing it on my behalf! what the hell again! This is the same Nana Addo who just before the elections again opened his mouth and declared that Nana Konadu had endorsed him and had asked all her NDP folks to vote for him only for us to be told it was not true from the office of Nana Konadu. This Nana Addo man is certainly not correct.

Meanwhile the particulars of their filed claims are at best stupid. How can Nana Addo and his bunch of goons pray the Supreme Court to declare himself as the president elect because by their foolish claims Mahama was not electected? First of all, Ghana's constitution does not give any locus to the Supreme Court to declare the winner of the presidential or parliamentary elections. That function is a reserve of the Electoral Commission of Ghana. So clearly Nana Addo who makes a lot of noise about being a lawyer is seeking that the judiciary usurp the powers of the EC. What a charlatan!

That aside pal, There's no automatic rule that once the election of a candidate is ruled to be null and void it means the second placed candidate must be made president elect or just one candidate should be chosen from the lot and declared president. Absolutely No. But you know pal, I'm not surprised at this illogical claim from Nana Addo. Remember the 2007 NPP primaries where he was MADE (note that I say made) the prez candidate of the NPP? The guy was not elected. simple as that. he wasn't elected. Somehow by some azzaaa and patapaaa move he got some folks to rally around him to birth him or create him or mold him or declare him or whatever they did but certainly not elect him the NPP prez candidate for the 2008 elections. So Nana and his actions are well documented. It is the same kind of nonsense he wants to happen to him in the name of Ghana.

And come to think of it. This was the same Nana Addo who just before the elections was demonizing Lauren Gbagbo as somebody whose actions must not be replicated in Ghana regarding elections. Yet what did Gbagbo do? What Gbagbo did was to get the mandated Constitutional Court of Cote d'Ivoire to declare him winner of the 2010 elections in that country. Now Nana is doing a similar thing and yet does not come back to us to tell us he was wrong about Gbagbo and that we should actually make an award for Gbagbo! What a sham character called Nana Addo. What is more? As I pointed out, Ghana's Supreme Court unlike the Constitutional Court of Cote d'Ivoire does not have the mandate to declare winner. So is it not even clear that Gbagbo asked the court to do a job they were mandated to do while Nana Addo is asking the court to do what they're not mandated to do? Who is more of a democrat hence? Such a sham hyped in Ghana like a balloon with that fraudulent free shs proportion.

Pal I don't want to spend to much time on the bogus petition of the NPP which does nothing but insult me. Nonsense!

Pal, I understand that anyone would rather for convenience of not inviting wrath from the goons in NPP set up Ayariga to laugh at instead of Nana Addo. But me I'd do no such thing. Ayariga spoke far more sense than Nana Addo and I proved that in a blog recently about their IEA encounter. And I want to end on a simple stuff from Ayariga: he said if you peddle what you know not to be true as truth then you're corrupt. And thus his definition of corruption went beyond just bribery and that was a lot of sense there. Nana Addo spoke no such sense.

Pal, Ghana's 2012 elections by all standards is the best Ghana has ever had so far in terms of participation (about 80% turnout), transparency (party agents, biometric registration and verification) and prompt declaration of results, etc. Indeed it's an election that can rival many in the world in terms of credibility if it's not the best in the world. Indeed I know of no better electoral system in the world now. We can still make improvements to aim at perfection which would never have as humans (we're not gods or God) but let Nana Addo and his NPP goons aided by Bawumiah (who claims single digit inflation cannot mean rise in price of stuff) not visit nonsense on the system in Ghana.

On that note it can only be clear that what Nana Addo and the NPP are doing is nothing to help our democracy but rather a broad daylight bastardization of the processes we have. Indeed I find it insulting that anyone would claim these fraud being peddled is to help our democracy! please keep such foolishness to yourself pal. don't bring it to me. I won't take it for even free let alone at a cost.

Let us meet again. the drink last night was good. I was so drunk I couldn't sleep. yes. miracle.


DiDi said...

I think its Time for NPP to shut Up.

sys said...

there are times when you need to ignore foolishness. not doing so makes it sound like sense. BTW i guess my vote 'countered' your vote and mine got counted. JM all the wayyyy.