Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Amidu and the judgement debts

I'm getting much closer now to the rot in the judiciary system of Ghana as I've always promised myself to do.

So it came to pass, 'k3k3 ni egbashie k3 ba ho'; and thus the case of Woyome tickled a spiral of talk about 'judgement debt' in Ghana. I wrote about my view on this Woyome matter and I'm waiting for the the outcome from the courts.

But this gentleman called Martin Amidu who was the AG at the time this Woyome saga became news makes for an interesting focus for me even as other cases of 'judgement/settlement debts' keep emerging aside Woyome.

Pal, I've had enough experience of seeing nonsense from people who are hailed for one reason or the other in this world that I'm probably the last person to portray anyone as some champion in one area of human endeavor or another. But what happened? It so happened that Amidu's predecessor AG came under some foolish bashing for losing cases in court (foolish because court cases can be won/lost for any damn reason. little sense). And there was Martin Amidu whose name came up as one who should be occupying the AG's position instead of Betty Mould because he was some champion in criminal cases etc. Lo and behold, Martin was brought in, and after all his coming the trend of govt losing high profile court cases did not stop! So his own party people started agitating for his removal and after several damning newspaper publications about him and after the Woyome issue became news then he decided to also publish some reply to his critics calling them all sorts or names, claiming the attacks on him were from some rented press and that some minister was involved in some gargantuan corruption.

Martin invented a word in Ghana right there: gargantuan! This word that I heard of so many years ago in primary school became some fantasy word in Ghana suddenly. And realizing just how much furore he had generated with that word, Amidu just surely decided to bask in his sudden gargantuan fame with more epistles and interviews in the media on the blind or corrupt side of those who innocently or deliberately failed to see the nonsense he poured! and he did not let a minute pass without repeating his fond 'gargantuan'!

He was sacked for misconduct. And he went mum for a while only to resume talking plenty and claiming he should be dared and he'd reveal stuff. How so foolish! What could be more daring than not a mere sack but a sack with the express statement that it was for misconduct? How many ministers in Ghana's history have been relieved of positions with stated reasons? and such a damning statement for that matter? At this point I felt it was clear to me that this man was just playing to the gallery with nonsense which some were happy with because it served their political interests.

Oh yes! the opposition have made a hefty deal out of the woyome saga and want nothing to spoil their intoxication imagining it as a step to jump to power! So Amidu got good company in them. He's their hero aside the war declaring MP Kennedy Agyapong.

But Amidu can only fool some of the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time but not me! kai! This man and his effusions stink before my nose! What the hell by the side of heaven? This man, this very day issued another of his statements claiming there's rot at the AG's office! kai! My question to him is what did he do about it for all the while he was there? He sat there and enjoyed his post without complaining to the public about corruption under his desk and suddenly I'm to hail him for saying there's corruption at his former office? Even if I'm some idiot I know that corruption is everywhere in Ghana including the courts and inside the wigs of judges who sit on cases with supervision from a Chief Justice I consider very corrupt in thought at least and with many questions to answer. So what new thing is there for Amidu to tell me about corruption existing anywhere? crap!

In his statement today, Amidu directly challenges his former deputy to come out clear on some issues that he Amidu claims he did not authorize while in office. Good. So that man Barton Oduro must be hauled for questioning. But what is wrong with Amidu? This man Amidu makes a very bogus reference to the origin of Barton Oduro as one who hails from the same place as the president. And so what? In what space did Oduro tell Amidu that he Oduro hails from same place as president and so he Amidu should dig some hole and wee-wee into it? So why does Amidu tell us such a thing? What is it that Amidu has with Oduro that he Amidu cannot just say straight for us all to know check instead of resorting to these childish and indeed bogus innuendos?

Now, the long and short of Amidu's statement today is that he was not privy to some case being discontinued or held in abeyance as AG which is against the law and that he has always insisted that cases of 'debt' should be decided in the courts only else out of court settlement creates untoward PERCEPTIONS about the AG or those involved. ok pal. pause! So the AG must be the Authorizing officer. True! so whoever usurped the powers of the AG must answer. no big deal. but How come Amidu did not even know of this case? How bogus an AG was he then? It appears to me he just gave instructions and went to sit on his butt like some baked mummy without monitoring a damn much! what the hell by heaven! Secondly, what a damn stupid robotic claim to make that just because someone would have some perception of you, then as AG, you'd never pursue an out of court settlement which is lawful? what crap!

This whole attempt by some lawyers in Ghana to create devils out of those who seek out of court settlement merely, especially coming from the side of the opposition, which Amidu too is preaching is nothing but sheer stupidity. They want us to believe it's only through court judgement that money can be saved for the nation. But how can that be when even the mere court processes involve the spending of money? How can any sensible lawyer, being lawyer for the nation, look his client in the face, when defeat in court stares him in the face, and yet like some programmed unthinking robot insist that he'd rather spend more of the tax payer's money pursuing a case that he would never win just to avoid Amidu's kind of imagined 'perception'? What crap! Yet this sort of thing is being preached by lawyers who want to be respected in Ghana! I respect no such lawyer!

Pal, to cap it all, Martin Amidu closes his statement today with the following line and I quote: "The Supreme Courts can never, in making authoritative decisions on the law, cause financial loss to the state." Now, Another CRAP! Indeed, a gargantuan CRAP! Have we not seen too many cases in which crass bogus rulings have been given by the courts out of whatever motivation and which motivation may be due to bribery or familial reasons? Haven't we even had decisions of the courts reversed? What do you call such authoritative decisions on the law which waste time and money?

Pal, whatever disease Martin Amidu is suffering from, he must cure himself quickly. As for those following and hailing him blindly I only pity them. And for those deliberately hailing him because it serves their political biases, I'm ready to take them on for us to see who gets to swallow his words back,

We need sanity in the system.      


novisi said...

and here's the Martin Amidu's epistle under reference:


Kwaku Yeboah said...

Novisi you have hit the nail right on the head. There is no doubt that Amidu's actiions are borne out of anger, mailice and impulsive behaviour. If he cared about corruption he should have done something about it whilst Attorney General and he needs not to be dared before he will release any information on corruption. He seems to be taking everyone on in a war that he cannot win. From the President to his predecessor to Barton Oduro to Ablakwa etc is childish. All he is doing is alienating himself from everybody. He will never be loved by the NPP even if he defects to join them. If he doesn't know he should go ask the deceased Quashiga. He was never trusted by the NPP until he went to his grave.