Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Ndoum and his polling agents

Pal, the man Ndoum who wants to be president of Ghana is such a man I consider azaaa in cheap digits!

The last time he said children should not be made to take part in independence parade because it's punishment to them. What to do with such a mentality!

this man has come out with another bizarre claim. he says we should abolish party polling agents observing voting but we can have them monitor the counting of votes. yooooo! and he insists that that is best practice all over the world and that it's these party agents who cause trouble at the polling stations and so we must move away from this scheme to improve on our democracy by trusting the personnel of the EC and that to him means 'strengthening institutions' (something I think many people say without sense).

Trust me if you don't trust yourself like I don't trust myself. This man is weird!

Institutions and men and women:
Pal, in the name of Christo! institutions are made up of men and women! that is point number one. This man Ndoum does not understand that strengthening of institutions cannot mean we must act aloof and assume (when assumption is the ladder that broke the climbers back) that the EC personnel are saints or automatically unbiased or incorruptible to do a good job for us all. Ndoum does not get it that we must all guard against the untoward happenings.

Ndoum by his proposal is working against a key component of democracy which is transparency! Party polling agents ensure that persons who vote and the process they go through are observed in an open manner and this builds more confidence in the outcome than otherwise. This helps to ensure no bias EC official for example would allow any minor to vote in violation of the regulation. Ndoum does not get this! he thinks the EC officials must be assumed to be good boys and girls who would do nothing bad.

Best practice indeed!
Ndoum says absence of party polling agents during voting is best practice! I say best practice indeed!
That it's some norm does not make it best practice! who told Ndoum it's best practice? what research did he make and what findings did he get to come to that conclusion? This Ndoum man just gets up and decides to label some lack a best practice. How so foul he has rendered the air!
I'm not one of those who accept that Ghana's democracy is young and so we should accept some things as they are for now. I believe that if Ghana wants to have a democracy then Ghana must do everything it takes to implement processes that are sustainable. In that vain, Ghanaians must count themselves rather right up there with a system as the party polling agents that ensures transparency. If America had this system then perhaps the Florida fraud would have been prevented. Even this year we have had reports where the GOP primaries have been saddled with some ghosts voting. Such a case could have been prevented if Ghana sold this idea to Americans.

Trouble at polling stations:
Ndoum the Dr. argues that it's party polling agents who cause the problems at polling stations. However pal, this is far from the truth. Most of the reported cases of mayhem at polling stations are ones caused by organized hooligans who roam from polling station to polling station and in many situations it is polling agents who have been victims of such hooligans. So Papa or Paa Kwasi Ndoum must get his facts or observation right.

Ndoum's economic political trick:
according to some damn spinners who are quick to look at issues bottom-first, Ndoum might just be visiting on us a trick of his to have his way since he may not be willing to pay agents to do this job for him or that he does not even have the money to pay. If true then someone should tell him that it's not by force. many have stood for elections without agents at polling stations. So if Ndoum cannot afford it does not mean he should let others miss out on this opportunity by making this very very diluted-akpeteshie-facilitated delusion.

Applicable in the future:
Pal, some who are confused or who perhaps want to massage Ndoum instead of telling him straight in the face that his proposal is nothing more than a foul flatulence have said that Ghana's democracy is young and so this bogus proposal would be applicable in the future (when we have angels, I guess) but not now! Even more bizarre! The fundamental point is that there'd never come the time when we'd have saints or incorruptible people at the EC and society being what it is we should rather strengthen the position of party polling agents and build their capacity to work in collaboration and harmony with the EC officials instead of pretending there'd ever be the need to abolish them and so Ndoum is somehow right! Pal, the man Paa or Papa Kwasi Ndoum is dead wrong and he must be told so in the face: his flatulence smells bad! kai kai kai!


Abena Serwaa said...

I know you are not a fan of the man but why have you spelt Nduom, Ndoum all the way through?!!

novisi said...

I know you insist on getting the names right. I think I just didn't take the pains to get the name right. I wasn't tickled about that. how so lazy of me! I was more focused on his 'content' than his name. And funny enough I made no effort to be consistent with the wrong Ndoum instead of Nduom as it turned out to be. It just happened and I can't explain it.

The only part of his name I'm not sure about is whether he's 'Paa' or 'Papa' or both and so you'd see me exposing that lack of certainty in my article.

I hope to do better next time with the name!

Efua Dentaa said...

I'm not very much of a "politics person", but interesting post. I saw the story about Nduom (hope I got the spelling right) talking against party agents at polling stations during voting in the dailies. Yeah, there are issues with that, but hey, you just might be calling him Mr. President in the not too distant future and then you wouldn't have to worry about the spelling of his name.

novisi said...

yeah. Mr. president is generic and simple.
and you got the name right. lol. we are all 'politics persons' in our own ways and it's all good. cheers!

lizzy said...

its fascinating how you air your political views so candidly...refrshing. its rather unfortunate i'm not a politics 'person', maybe your blog will change that!

novisi said...

Lizzy, I baptize you in the name of candid talk. Amen!