Tuesday, January 20, 2009

the moment

well i just love this picture... so cool!!
(Obama during presidential race)

Pal, the moment....

yes the moment most of the world have been waiting for is finally with us:

Barack Husein Obama is the president of the "US of A": for me, having been almost a minute part of this whole journey since the anouncement of his candidature for the presidential race and with a just a firm believe that this day was only a journey away without wavering on all the stumbling blocks i cannot help but just say that "pictures speak louder than words...." enjoy:

segregation in America....and it's not so long ago (check obama's speech) it's surely been a long journey and it still remains a long journey... but men and women can afford to be hopeful

oath time... and the humbling eyes of a supportive wife...

oath time... and he too like Mills of Ghana did jumble some words there.... but the difference is that the judge let it be recovered so they don't look like robbots like happenned in Ghana!

prez, vice and spouses...

a cool fam

and now like this pinhole view of the innaugural scene.... i would be watching you Obama and i hope you just do as good.... but i tell you i don't like the robotic support for Isreal!!!

meanwhile pal, check out this article on the Obama's innaugural with a look at the situation in Ghana by Kojo Oppon-Nkrumah of JoyFM.... except that you should note that i like usual is not into the patriotic beat of things... trust me (but don't trust me...hehehehe)... one need not be patriotic to any given country before he/she can serve that country with sound principles...let our spirit reach across borders created by man because it's only natural...

let change ring in all the world!

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