Friday, June 29, 2007


pal dear,

u must be wondering what i mean. i mean what the hell is wrong with the decision makers of Ghana Police? or is some block-headed fellow stupidly sitting in some dark corner and turning his wishes into 'decrees'?

I mean why should the Ghana police think that it is prudent to ban demonstrations during the cause of the AU summit in Accra? Do the police even have the constitutional backing for such a crazy directive?

and what is it that is wrong with this primitive Akrofi of a Police (Accra Regional Police Commander, Douglas Akrofi Asiedu) who says this is africa and not Europe and therefore there should be no demo? this chap is simply building for himself an image of such uncivilized attributes! i guess i would love to pose in a photo with this chap for the records. what?

i mean pal, the issues are too confusing i just don't see the head or tail. i mean how? come Ghana@50, they banned demonstrations and now AU summit too.

but u see pal, let them continue. just let them continue and the day will come soon when after the people are saturated with built up pressure, the explosion would naturally follow. it's just a matter of natural course and no man born of woman can stop that. not anymore the primitive Akrofi!!!

why? there is the case of Darfur, there is the case of Somalia, there is the case of Zimbabwe (both for and against Mugabe and the land reforms) and even my own fellow Ghanaians have issue with the Gambia (for doing nothing about the killing of 44 Ghanaians in 2005) and of course the issue of Africa Unity --'the grand debate-they call it'. Too many people (including yours truly) think there is too much feet dragging (if even it was just one soul - that fellow has every right to demonstrate) and they want to express themselves. so why stop them!

mE whish pal, that the whole world rained on Ghana police so they see if they can stop them. and the ridiculus irony of all. they claim that they would have too much on their hands during the AU summit to deal with hence the need to stop all demos. Yet they are ready to arrest any number prostestors! me wish pal, that the whole world rained on Ghana police expressing themselves freely and legally!

too much confusion pal. have a nice weekend.
Africa must Unite!


Obed Sarpong 4 u said...

Ooooh my friend! Again? Wishful thinking. Okay.

Ghana Police and their crazy unthinking leadership made moves to block demonstrations, and you question the legal state of that directive? Yes the constitution grants the police that right to make such orders by obtaining the 'extra' power in court. The citizenry can demonstrate under police protection, and they must notify the police for a number of days before they do that. So says the law.

The police can say no if their resources are over-stretched (i didn't say limited).

So if heads of states are meeting and the police feel this demands their utter concentration and as such they can't protect a demonstrating faction of the citizenry, i think they have a sensible argument. Besides, these people who wanted to demonstrate would not be able to enter the conference centre or even its vicinity, if you don't know.

novisi said...

whether i know the demonstrators can enter the conference centre or even its vicinity or not is not an issue! simple!!!

so u think it's a sensible argument? well, i don't think so. i think it's stupid and idiotic(the Nigerian version)!

why? the police are only supposed to be notified of any planned demo. note that it's not even permission request. it is says the law and this is supposed to be done 5 clear days before the planned demo date.

and yes they could go to court to seek the 'cancellation' of any planned demo.


I hope you get the understanding if you haven't yet!!!