Wednesday, February 14, 2007

To Home

It's the title of my latest poem 'penned' last sunday. well i will be sharing more as you read...what am i saying? neva! mind. i really did not know how my first blog line should go like.

Hurray and i've made it. wow! i've done my first paragraph of blog without really knowing. i underestimated myself i guess. i really did not reckon i could do well with a blog till now. Now the time IS come!

The fire's started...i swear!

and you EOP! dare you not try to stop can't stop me...i swear on your forehead...i swear!

Ok, nuff said. So hear we go. I will be sharing with you my picks on issues from AAAAAAaaaaaa to da ZZZZZZzzzzzz. by the way anyway, did they say today is Vals? well what happens between today and the next such as today's date? Ultimately, it is hoped that we learn to appreciate and respect differences that point towards home. So to home i call you to come with me....


Come with me
Let us retrace our path back to the homeland
The motherland

Let us go
Far and far away from all the polythene they call civilisation
The mass pollution

Let us go
Away from all the gun shots and bombs...The wars
Away from all the greenhouse gases and toxic
The mass destructions...Global warming

Come with me dear one
Take my hand and let us go

Let us go home
Where the air is fresh with life
Where we can reconnect with mother earth to give birth


albert said...

nice one.thumbs up.
bottom down.
bundas up.

Obed Sarpong said...

Nice poem, but why didn't you tell me you were starting to blog. Well, did Martin tell you i had introduced him to blogger. Still don't know the voice here? Visit or Even both.

Obed Sarpong said...

What beards you have... I told Martin the beards look like someone from the dead...Ha-ha-ha